Belco Jam 2023 Photos

It’s Australian skateboarding’s biggest blowout of the year. The event that turns a turd into a Tim Tam never disappoints. We kicked off on a Friday arvo, throwing cash for tricks on the hot spots of CBR. It was nonstop action ensuing in the streets, alleyways, pubs and finally, the Belco bowl on the following evening. If Bondi Bowl-A-Rama, CPH Open and Swampfest somehow had a bastard child, it would be the Belco Bowl Jam. This year wasn’t just limited to Oz’s best—we also saw some of Vans’ heaviest from around the world join the parade. Too many tricks went down to count and there was some very hot contention for lord of the bowl. See for yourself who took home the horned helmet with this packed recap. —Wade Mclaughlin

Photos by Bryce Golder, Michael Burnett, Wade Mclaughlin and Luke Brown

Chima Ferguson Rowan Zorilla Belco Weekend 2023 Bryce Golder Thrasher Magazine 2023 2000First sights of the weekend, Chima and Rowan roll in on Canberra’s preferred method of public transport. Chima’s a good bloke and lends a ride to a local pisshead trying to make his way home from the TAB

3 DSC4680 2X3 WADEFor the first stop, we mobbed the ANU ledges

4BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 4852 2000pxWideHayley, Burnett, Poppy, Breezy, Sheezy and Liv prep for the show

6Rob Pace NoseslidenoseFlip BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 4764 2000pxWideRob Pace kicks things off while Red commences the envelope emptying. Thanks to the many generous sponsors

7 DSC4624 SamAtkins FsNose 2X3 WADESam Atkins follows up. Dani Campbell took top honors at this spot. You’ll have to peep the clip to see what he did, though

8 LZZ1981 Belco2023 VagabondPhotoMoving on...

1 DSC4750 2X3 WADEOnce again, thank you, Canberra, for letting this take place

2 DSC4721 Rome FlipFsBoard 1X1 WADERome Collyer was on one and rifled off a bunch of tricks, including this kickflip front board

3 DSC4707 JayRun Hurricane 4X5 WADEJay Runciman made the trek from Adelaide and brought a backside hurricane with him

4 DSC4745 2X3 WADECheers, Aimee!

5 DSC4725 BenSaddleton 270Lip 1X1 WADEBen Saddleton put down a 270 lip before taking home the big wad at spot number two

6BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 5218 2000pxWideAll of Canberra’s best showed out

7Gabriel Summers FSShove50 BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 5992 2000pxWideSUMMERRSS! Gabbers took a few tricks, including this front shove back 50-50

8BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 5285 2000pxWideWhatever Sheezy is saying, Breezy and Poppy are living for it

9BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 5965 2000pxWideJay with a beautifully poised BSTS

10Sam Atkins BSNoseBlunt BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 5189 2000pxWideSammy Atkins came for the beer money with his BSNBS

11 DSC4784 BenWeir SpanishGrind 2X3 WADEBen Weir, famous for pulling cats out of the bag, unleashes an unlikely Spanish grind

12 2Rob Pace Boardslide BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6042 2000pxWideDidn’t see that one coming—Rob boardslides across and down

1BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6004 2000pxWideNext spot!

2 2Rob Pace Feeble BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 5531 2000pxWideIndy custom built a highly-sackable flatbar of doom. Rob was first over with a 50-50, then this feeble straight after

3 DSC5113 2X3 WADEWads for days

4 LZZ2191 Belco2023 Day1 VagabondPhoto 2023Cheers, Cobber!

5 DSC4922 4X5 WADEGabbers narrowly avoids the nads

6 DSC4984 JustinShmidt KGrind 2X3 WADEJustin Shmidt did this K grind way too easy

7 Justin Schmidt Crooks BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 5682 2000pxWideSecond angle

8 DSC5024 4X5 WADECheendog with the assist

9 DSC5027 Nixen Fs5 0 2X3 WADEA wild Nixen Osborne appears and flys straight across with a frontside 5-0

10 LZZ2089 Belco2023 VagabondPhotoRestecpa!

11Brad Saunders FS Feeble BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 5690 2000pxWideBrad Saunders is back, front feeble

12 DSC5030 BradSaunders FsFeeb 2X3 WADEGotta get another look. Whoa…

13Brad Saunders BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 5822 2000pxWideThe crowd approved

14 LZZ2233 Belco2023 Day1 VagabondPhoto 2023Along with many others, Kieran got sacked big time. Here he opts to sip on the sidelines with uncle Conzy

15 DSC5050 2X3 WADEHeated

16 DSC5074 2 Rome BsSmith 2X3 WADERome brought the crowd-pleaser, back Smith

17BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 5832 2000pxWideGive the young man his money

18 LZZ2151 Belco2023 Day1 VagabondPhoto 2023Just when you thought it was over, Justin comes through with a hellish noseslide

19 DSC5150 Hayley BS 1X1 WADEJust when you thought it was over part two: HAYLEY!!!

20 DSC5173 2X3 WADEYes!

21BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6180 2000pxWideAnd finally, the wildcard! 

1BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6236 2000pxWideOff to the Vans X Church Alleyway Jam

2BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6188 2000pxWideStickers

3BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6231 2000pxWideZahba dabba doo

4 BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6206 2000pxWideAimee Massie was handing out Fireball shots but it didn’t impair her slappy crooks abilities

5BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6238 2000pxWideMarley Rae handles a blunt pop in on an obscure obstacle

6Kieran Woolley Crooks BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6271 2000pxWideIs it called a K grind because of Kieran? No, but he can certainly do them

7DSC 7561 BURNETTKalem Beange, otherwise known as "Leaf" or "Street Fighter," apparently—front blunt on the extension

8 Nixen Osborne FSAir BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6292 2000pxWideNixen boosting a FSO

9DSC 7615 BURNETTJett Dehaan with a rare one

10 LZZ2402 Belco2023 Day1 VagabondPhoto 2023Over on the stage we got Wheel Bite, a cover band that only plays songs from '80s skate videos

11 DSC5264 2X3 WADECheers, c***s!

12 DSC5291 2X3 WADEZion and the Vans band

13 Zion Wright BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6241 2000pxWideSurprise banger freestyle

14 DSC5319 Rob BsSmith 4X5 WADEBack on ramps, Rob back Smiths over the leg trap

15 DSC5329 4X5 WADEThe HUNKZ

16BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6414 2000pxWideBig Job Jimbo hunking it up

17 DSC5340 4X5 WADENo stage can contain him

18 DSC5355 2X3 WADEAbout 90 percent of the crowd's vision by this stage

19 DSC5374 2X3 WADEHmmm…

20 DSC5436 2X3 WADEThe leg-wrestling championship saw Conz take the crown—again. Who’s going to beat him?!

21 LZZ2427 Belco2023 Day1 VagabondPhoto 2023A humble champ

24 LZZ2419 Belco2023 Day1 VagabondPhoto 2023Needless to say, a few people left without their boards that night

22 DSC5462 2X3 WADENothing good happens after midnight

23 DSC5465 2X3 WADEI don’t remember exactly what was going on here, but I’m sure it was all fun

1 DSC5522 2X3 WADEThe following day, everyone met up at the library at high noon. Hats off to anyone who skated because it was pretty easy to get carried away on the opening night's festivities

2 DSC5517 2X3 WADEGrilf AKA Ben Watts opens it up with a Smithers on the bump to rail

3 DSC5529 2X3 WADECanberra locals indulge in an Australian delicacy, the goon bag

4 DSC5484 2 2X3 WADERome Collyer crushed every rail. Here he is with another marathon front feeble

5 DSC5550 2X3 WADEThen he put the final nails in the coffin, going front board to forward and fakie

1 DSC5555 4X5 WADENext up, we get a look at the custom channel and vert-wall setup. Marley Rae pulls off a blunt to fakie

3 DSC5572 4X5 WADENixen will invert anything you put in front of him

3 DSC5572 4X5 WADEGeorge Richards picks a nose

4 DSC5611 2X3 WADEDaddy Dandy pocketed some beer money

5 DSC5599 2X3 WADESteven Piñeiro made the trek over for this tight front blunt

6 DSC5645 2X3 WADEMade impact alright

7 DSC5660 2X3 WADENixen took the cake with a crailslide over the channel—no Salba sauce necessary

1 DSC5753 4X5Next up, eyes on the world's shittest double set. It wasn’t going to feature again, but it needed a kickflip. Who’s it gonna be?

2DSC 7701 BURNETTLenard Tejada!! He did this way too easy. Remember the name

3 DSC5693 2X3BOOM!

4 DSC5698 2X3Count the angles

5DSC 7749 BURNETTCash in hand

6BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER DSC6402 2000pxWideSome might say it’s illegal, but it’d be unAustralian if there wasn’t a Beni. Ray Macken, throwing the back leg off like a good man

7 DSC5772 2X3The life of an outlaw

8 DSC5783 2X3Shoota McGaven and his super cool princess

1 DSC5799 2X3To the arena

2 DSC5824 2X3Trilogy serving up the snags in true ‘Straya fashion

3BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6528 2000pxWideScotty, I have one word: YES

4BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6469 2000pxWideRay hucks a heely

5 LZZ2736 Belco2023 VagabondPhotoThere was only one place to go on the roll away, the conveniently located swamp

6Ben Weir SWHeelBelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6520 2000pxWideBen Weir stayed dry after this switch heel

7 DSC5838 4X5But Shmidy’s hardflip was rewarded with a dip in the drink. Nice arse, bro

1 LZZ3537 Sam Atkins LongestOllie BnW copySammy won a quick $500 on the Surf Dive SEND

2 DSC5848 4X5Guy in the sky

3 DSC5868 2X3CAS$H

1 LZZ3613 Belco2023 VagabondPhotoTime to kick out the jams… bowl jams, that is

2 LZZ3642 Belco2023 VagabondPhotoConz, the ultimate hype man

3Harvey Campbell BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6923 2000pxWideHarvey Campbell may be a grom, but he skated every damn thing! Keep an eye out for this kid

4 DSC5881 2X3 WADEOverlord Omar was keeping a watchful eye on all the events

5DSC 7919 BURNETTThe girls absolutely kicked the bowls arse this year! Taniah Meyers warms things up with a back Smith

6Katie Pike BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER DSC6748 2000pxWideLocal Katie Pike rips!

7Aaliyah Wilson BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6580 2000pxWideAaliyah Wilson, frontside rock 'n' roll slide

8 DSC5898 4X5 WADEAttitude

9 DSC5893 2X3 WADEGratitude

10DJ BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 16 2000pxWideMike D, MC for the past 20 years

11DSC 7911 BURNETTZahra Johns, gap to lip

12 DSC5890 2X3 WADEAaliyah backside nosegrinds all day

13Aaliyah Wilson BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6766 2000pxWideStringin’ 'em together with frontside inverts

14BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7028 2000pxWideThe crowd loves that!

15 DSC5939 1X1 WADEPoppy!

16DSC 7906 BURNETTStackin'

17Taniah Meyers BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6554 2000pxWideTaniah, backside boneless for the paprazzi

18Taniah Meyers Shanae Collins BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6705 2000pxWideBig love

19 DSC5925 2X3 WADEGotta love the Indy air from T-Dawg

20DSC 7913 BURNETTAnd a boosted BSA from Aaliyah

1 DSC5897 2X3 WADEMitch 'n' Sam, "Yeah, probably gonna sit this next one out, aye"

2 DSC5930 2X3 WADEGabbers and Barney emerge

3DSC 7931 BURNETTCurren Smithing for the longest-grind challenge

4 DSC6082 2X3 WADEThis frontside 50-50 around half the bowl would have easily taken the cake if grinding with two trucks was legal

5 DSC6094 2X3 WADEKieran takes the 5-0 fakie approach, absolutely cooking

6 DSC5976 2X3 WADEThen he goes frontside, hot on Ethan Copeland's tail

7 DSC5961 2X3 WADEEthan sacked a kink rail a few weeks prior and fractured his tailbone. Still, he was able to take longest grind before sitting the rest of the event out

8 LZZ3699 Belco2023 VagabondPhotoHighly controversial photo. Is it gonna be red or yellow? Mate…

1 DSC6123 2X3 WADEYoung Henry's with the refreshments

2 LZZ4010 Belco2023 VagabondPhotoYou already know

3 LZZ3812 Belco2023 VagabondPhotoLongest invert official adjudicators

4 LZZ3770 Belco2023 VagabondPhotoJett Dehaan has a crack frontside invert

5RJ Barbaro BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 2000pxWideBut it was a battle of the sadplants. RJ Barbaro almost had it. There was a fraction in it

6 LZZ3816 Nixon Belco2023 VagabondPhotoNixen, fully stretched

7 DSC6136 2X3 WADEUltimately it was Aus and NZ’s invert kid Nixen Osborne who took it out

8Nixen Osborne BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6823 2000pxWideMum would be proud

1DSC 7946 BURNETTThe only back tat you need to know about

2 LZZ3897 Belco2023 VagabondPhotoTo the rafters!

3Keefer Wilson BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 15 2000pxWide 2Jam time. Keefer with an alley-oop Indy

4 DSC6160 4X5 WADEMashy did a couple stunts before battling a front blunt over the channel for the third year running and nearly rolled away. Next year, Mash! Swear on mums

5Kieran Woolley BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6983 2000pxWideEl Lordo himself, high-speed assault with Jedd hot on his tail

6 DSC6202 2X3 WADEThen he gives a nod to overlord Omar with a gap to lip from the deck and over the channel

7 Jedd McKenzie BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6876 2000pxWide 2This was Jedd Mckenzie’s first Bowl Jam and he was a definite crowd favorite


9 DSC6147 2X3 WADEYou got this

10Kieran Woolley BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6864 2000pxWideKieran, gap front feeble

1 DSC6326 2X3The neighboring KFC probably sold more chicken in one day than it has all year


3BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7425 2000pxWideTime for best trick over the channel

4 LZZ3661 EDIT Belco2023 VagabondPhotoOne of the rare occasions where Conz spoke into the mic instead of his beer

5 DSC6292 4X5 WADEMarley Rae scored himself an NBD—back blunt to channel gap

6Josh Metwijiw BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6903 2000pxWideCompromising position. We really want to see this one go down. Josh Matwijiw attempts a gap eggy

7Steven Pineiro HeelFlipIndy BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 6939 2000pxWidePiñeiro with the money grab. Another ode to Omar—you got to get here next year!

8 DSC6296 4X5 WADEJedd could have done two channels with this frontside flip. Believe it or not, this was a make

9 DSC6262 2X3 WADEPiñeiro with the showstopper, gap to noseblunt slide

10BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7446 2000pxWideShowstopper

Keefer Wilson Aaliyah Wilson BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7516 2000pxWideThe Wilsons!

Steven Pineiro Zepp Heyes BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7001 2000pxWideSteven and Zepp, double trouble 

1 DSC6337 2X3 WADEWhat’s all this about?

2 DSC6345 1X1 WADEOh yeah, it's high-air time!

3Aaliyah Wilson BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7074 2000pxWideStarting off, Aaliyah gave it good nudge

4 3 DSC6390 1X1 WADEIn the end, it was a battle between Josh Matwijiw going backside and Jedd Mckenzie going frontside

5DSC 8021 BURNETTPretty good

6Josh Metwijiw BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7577 2000pxWideHangtime

7DSC 7989 BURNETTThere was a bee's dick in it

8 DSC6386 4X5 WADEBut Jedd got one that was a pretty clear winner

9 DSC6397 2X3 WADEWe love Mitch Tomlinson

1 DSC6408 2X3 WADERip out the Vans extension

2 2George Richards BSDisasterBelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7139 2000pxWideGeorge Richards, back D from the crow's nest

3BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7137 2000pxWideSam Giles had proper form on this rock 'n' roll

4Harvey Campbell BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7123 2000pxWideHarvey with a styled out front D

6Kieran Woolley BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7106 2000pxWideFun fact: a few days after the event, Kieran had surgery on that left wrist

7DSC 8067 BURNETTJosh…

8 DSC6445 4X5 WADE… with a properly stalled andrecht

9 DSC 8062 BURNETTAdrenaline junkie

1 DSC6502 2X3 WADEThen it was final jam time and Marley copped a nasty head knock straight out the gates. Don’t worry—he always looks like that

2 DSC6505 2X3 WADEKieran was stringing everything together in the last jam. Mach-10 nosegrind

3 DSC6468 4X5 WADEJedd, heelflip Indy

4 DSC6520 2X3 WADEZepp Hayes rips into a lengthy back Smith to tail

5 DSC6517 2X3 WADEApproved

6Jedd McKenzie BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7167 2000pxWideJedd did a couple of these kickflip stalefishes throughout the day

7 DSC6514 2X3 WADEAnd the crowd went wild every time 

8Kieran Woolley BelcoBowlJam2023 GOLDER 7175 2000pxWideYou could tell Kieran wanted to revert this but made the snap decision to take it straight. The kid is next level

9 DSC6458 2X3 WADEAnd that's time. Potty about to set forth thy winners and losers

10 DSC6558 2X3Who could it be now?

11DSC 8123 BURNETTLord—Kieran Woolley (three years running. Can someone please come take him out?)
1st loser—Jedd Mckenzie
2nd loser—Steven Piñeiro

12 DSC6569 2X3 WADEInfluencers of Bowl Jam

13DSC 8106 BURNETTThat’s a wrap. This gremlin is off to the after party! See you in 2024!
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