Bum Rushing Austin’s Lizard DIY

Bum Rush The Spot teamed up with No-Comply skate shop in Austin, Texas, for an unforgettable event at Lizard DIY. This wasn’t your typical best-trick skate jam. The goal here was simply to reward those who were having the most fun—and with 2K in cash being handed out and tons of product getting thrown, there was no shortage of huge smiles at the ditch. Check the pics and stay stoked! 

Photos and Captions by Joel Meinholz

bum rush 01Lizard peanut gallery in full effect. And forget about Waldo—see if you can find Guru Khalsa in the mix

bum rush 02Gavin Austin gets things started with a big ol’ stalefish. Trust us—he slapped that plank

bum rush 03You know Cat from Cherries Wheels is gonna pull up to support the DIY culture

bum rush 04Alder Wilson parallel parks to kick off the curb bash. That’s gotta be worth a few bucks

bum rush 05Curb fans. Now see if you can find Elias Bingham

bum rush 06Justin, Kevin and Cosmo—party line. You can’t fake this type of enthusiasm

bum rush 07Lil’ homie was juicing up the slappy curb

bum rush 08Lord of the yung heads—Igna

bum rush 09When Ben Raybourn says, “It’s jump ramp time,” you damn sure better listen

bum rush 10Kicking out some Metal jams

bum rush 11Ryan Thompson stinkbugs over Ben. These two go way back

bum rush 12 750Scotty Alexander broke his board on this gap to D, but Igna agrees it was worth it

bum rush 13Stevie and Dylan, coolin’ in the shade. That koozie is older than some of the kids skating the event

bum rush 14Nate Soliz supports his local. Hope you do too

bum rush 15Caught Sieben hiding in the Roger van

bum rush 16Lance was ripping so he came up on a free pair of Cons. That’s how it works

bum rush 17 750Reese Barton, back lip off the new obstacle onto the Jersey-ish barrier

bum rush 18Stevie and Ben ready to bless the rippers with shoes and stickers

bum rush 19Grab that ca$h

bum rush 20Tony Gomez pulled up—back noseblunt

bum rush 21Not quite a death match, but pretty hectic nonetheless. Elijah and Bobby double down 

bum rush 22Whatchoo talkin’ about hamburger? David Langston’s backside flip

bum rush 23Guess we know who’s buying lunch

bum rush 24Dylan Jones gets laid back on a blunt

bum rush 25Reese doesn’t roll blunts, but he’ll slide one if you ask him nicely

bum rush 26An unknown ripper back Smiths the rainbow curb. It’s good to have a little mystery in life

bum rush 27Free hats and free smiles? Stevie delivers

bum rush 28Guru, cash slash in the pocket rocket

bum rush 29Jojo, long-distance channel hopping

bum rush 30Nick Beaudet, nasal grind

bum rush 31Classic guy in the sky—Ryan Thompson, melon to fakie

bum rush 32Always remember to thank your DJ. Thanks for coming through with the jams, Shae!

bum rush 33Big ups to Cons and Weird Water for supporting this event. Shout out to all of the additional sponsors as well: Lizard DIY, Cons, No-Comply, Drink Weird, Thrasher, Roger Skate Co., Cherries wheels, Hopps, Independent trucks, TOA, Metal, Bones bearings, Towers headwear, YETI and Purple Wax. See you at the next Bum Rush!

Get a look at all the action with this heavy recap vid
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