Burnout: Chicago Flared

Jumped on the Stay Flared tour just in time for Wild In the Streets - Emerica (and now Lakai's) famous cross-town group skate. Rain in the forecast but the good omens were all around us. 

For example - hella cool friends showed up from Ohio. 

Just imagine if Hurricane Helen could direct message. The mind swims. 

Ronnie on a rough one. Get well soon, buddy. 

Feds has a complete medicine chest in the door, including his beloved tanning oils. 

Sciano is ready for anything the Windy City can bring. 

Later, in Oprah's favorite town. 

Westgate, just follow him. 

The ol' Burnham park. 

Sypniewski prowls the bowls. 

Chicago is definitely a Thrashin' kind of town. 

Barely a scratch!

Leo eyes up which zone to bombard first. 

Down for Life aggro edition. 

What?! You thought he was gonna be some sorta nice guy?

Collin breaks in the bank to wall with a tipped-out FSG.

Yung Tyler, frontside feeble is a good way get bumped up from that flow team!

Blunt 180. Like it's a QP. 


Locals, killing it. 


SOTYs, feelin' it out. 

Nice slip-ons! I mean, flash n roll. 

Stevie, heelwise. 

There it is!

Hurricane Spider, rounding the Great Lakes.

Casey as Super Mario on the mic. 

Almost didn't seem possible at first. Sciano, he goes as the young people say. 

Spanky, on the grind drop. 

High-speed nose slide, hip to hip. 

Vince is full blast at all times. 


There it is. Got it in right at the buzzer. Time to mob out! 

Down Lakeshore Drive to the Grant park. 

More of a long snake than a horde this time, but still a nice showing. 

Our guy Bublitz, killing the angles. 

The Boss and Herm lead the charge. 

Surprised they didn't jump in on this sesh!

The humidity started getting to people. 

Especially 40-ish mascot types. 

It was gonna be fine. 

Pockets of shade every so often. 

And, oh yeah, this thing!

Drew on some baby steps. 

While Spanky goes straight Sluggo!

Nose slaps by the Hella Cool kids. 

Drew musters a floater for the fans. 

Always a professional like that. 

And then, end of the line …

Just because the forecast calls for rain don't mean you gotta compromise style. 


Nice opportunity to meet the people. 

Or maybe catch up on some new truck placement shit. 


Figgy's popped out arm can still carve out a John Hancock. 


Hard to believe they had any demo left in 'em but Collin can't pass up a kinked floater. 

Ewan, getting the real story. 

Bring your fascinator, if you got one. 

'Victorville? Never heard of it. '

Why do you think they call him Waters?

Mad hot. 

Grabbed some shade and a micro-beer with these bros. Thanks again. 


Then Sebo knocked a twelver into the crowd on accident. Fools came up!

Pressing the flesh. 

Leo, always on the attack. 

Big Glick, a local's pride. 

What's worse than slamming? How about getting kicked in the face with your own shoe?

You got this, Jer. 

Surprise San Jose réunion - Waters and Yousefpour!

And in the legends department, Stevie Dread. 

Not exactly a lightweight. 

Lot of pizza gear trending at this demo. 

'Excuse me, but do you like old timey music by chance?'

This fun couple. 

Taking that satanic jersey under the bleachers where it's safe. 

A good time was had by all. 

Yep, that's a wrap. 

Thank you, Chicago. See you soon, Milwaukee!