Donovon Piscopo's Shoe Release Photos

Nike and Pawnshop teamed up over the weekend to celebrate the release of Donovon’s new Blazer with one hell of a skate jam. Covina represent! —Ben Karpinski

Donovan Photo1 750pxMade the trek to Covina to check out Donovon’s shoe-release jam. As expected, the Piscopos know how to throw a party

Donovan Photo2 750pxA little something for everybody down at District Field

Donovan Photo3 750pxIncluding a fully-skateable trailer made by Blunt Steel

Donovan Photo4 750pxDidn’t take long for Joseph to go fatty to flatty

Donovan Photo5 750pxPawnshop local, Jonathan, digging into this Smith on Donovon’s truck

Donovan Photo6 750pxEveryone wanted to get a piece of the action

Donovan Photo7 750pxKoston getting those shotgun angles

Donovan Photo8 750pxHeavy curb session out front

Donovan Photo9 750pxDon’t worry; Koston got his too

Donovan Photo10 750pxTerps and Scuba

Donovan Photo11 750pxProbably should have held onto this photo for an Anatomy

Donovan Photo12 750pxDonovon started it off with the back 5-0

Donovan Photo13 750pxThen got the nosegrind right before the rain came

Donovan Photo14 750pxKoston, Guy and some menacing clouds

Donovan Photo15 750pxTake cover!

Donovan Photo16 750pxGood thing Pawnshop makes the best jackets

Donovan Photo17 750pxA few lucky locals got hooked up with Donovon’s new shoe. Easy there, buddy

Donovan Photo18 750pxThen it was back to the shop

Donovan Photo19 750pxSee you guys there

Donovan Photo20 750pxCongrats on the shoe, Donovon

ToolBox 750pxGo to Pawnshop to get the limited-edition shoebox
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