Grotto Lotto 2019 Photos

Imagine building your own private skatepark and then inviting all of your friends to get together for one epic session. Now imagine that all of your friends happen to be the raddest individuals, gnarliest skaters on Earth and your childhood heroes. Grotto Lotto is so much more than a contest—it’s a dream session and a celebration of the stoke generated when you get the right people together without the lurkers, energy-drink glitter and mind-numbing distraction of social media. This cocktail of positive energy and talent pushed the levels through the roof. Suciu did 168 tricks in ten minutes, Kanfoush cleared the course going Mach 8, grinding up and airing over everything, KB appeared from the parking lot and skated impeccably with no warmup. The whole crew was having fun and the spectators went hoarse from shouting and cheering. As the sun lowered on the horizon, hugs and farewells ensued, the kegs ran dry, Spitfire put out their parking-lot campfire and dragged Daan back into shotgun and the cars rolled away. This was the last session at the Grotto. The next day screws were being pulled and lumber has being dismantled. It was a tremendous farewell to a dream that was real. We will miss you, Grotto aka Rev park aka asshole’s garage. —Joey Pepper

1 joey silas nikal grotto DZ 750pxThe Grotto hosts with the most: Joey Pepper, Silas and Nikhil Thayer

2 spitfire camp DZ 750pxThe Spitfire team setting up camp in the lot

3 abid the rules DZ 750pxWords to live by

4 major firepower DZ 750pxHeavy artillery invite-only list

5 sfc griffin barker mic welsh DZ 750pxSF in PDX: Griffin, Barker, Mic and Welsh

6 legend judges DZ 750pxLegendary judges: Senn, Chico, Drehobl and Howard

7 lui labeled DZ 750pxLui got a special shirt because he's our special guy

8 sal nollie heel DZ 750pxSal Barbier showing Chico how it's done

9 cairo janoski kurt DZ 750pxCairo, Janoski, and Kurt Hayashi

10 hewtit daycare DZ 750pxHewitt, Antihero daycare

11 grotto lotto DZ 750pxWater bong? Nope. Shop-vac-powered heat lottery

12 bledsoe manchild vincent DZ 750pxBledsoe, Manchild, Vincent and Capps. Nice tires, Manch

13 picking heats DZ 750pxHeat number one

14 best sunglasses hewitt janoski DZ 750pxBest sunglasses awards: Hewitt and Janoski

15 stumptown thx DZ 750pxIt’s Portland—of course there’s coffee! Thanks, Stumptown

16 parking lot revs DZ 750pxParking lot part 1: "Dog in Training"

17 survival school DZ 750pxParking lot part 2: "Elemental Awareness Gone Wild.” Cody Chapman and Evan Smith, wooden shotgun

18 we got it DZ 750pxSuccess!

19 ravens custom graphics DZ 750pxRaven's custom graphics via the Spitfire crew

20 becker family DZ 750pxBecker fam from the Bay

21 josh janoski scratchers DZ 750pxJosh Matthews and Janoski were loving the Grotto scratchers! People were coming up!

22 rad dads DZ 750pxRad dads: Brass and Kanfoush

23 chico sizzle pie DZ 750pxGive me my Sizzle Pie, Chico!

24 raven cody gearing up DZ 750pxRaven getting ready for some revs with an assist from Cody

25 ishod nb DZ 750pxIshod, noseblunt slide

26 tom fs rock DZ 750pxTom Grom, top-shelf front rock

27 sw bs nb DZ 750pxAustyn Gillette, switch backside noseblunt slide with style

28 big couch bs smith DZ 750pxBig Couch getting a Hot Boy-style back Smith

29 kb wallie bs tail DZ 750pxKB, wallie back tail. It was sick watching Kevin skate a contest!

30 youth shreding DZ 750pxThe youth were fired up!

31 euro invasion DZ 750pxEuro invasion: Oski, Ville Wester and Hugo Boserup

32 mapleox DZ 750pxMapleXO trophy makers: Kenzie and Lindsay

33 salba bk DZ 750pxThrasher Donut Duty star Greg “Salba” Ware and masterlensman BK

34 semis DZ 750pxSemifinals list—heavy crew

35 evan air DZ 750pxEvan Smith blasting a frontside air, pre-shrooms

36 silas ng DZ 750pxWhose house? Silas' house! Nosegrind pop in

37 louie bs DZ 750pxFA's newest pro Louie Lopez, bluntsliding like a bat out of hell

38 bledsoe kf fakie DZ 750pxPDX's own smooth operator—Tyler Bledsoe, kickflip to fakie

39 austin wb falkie DZ 750pxKanfoush was crushing everything in his path—wallride gripper to fakie

40 hugo nb DZ 750pxHugo, coast-to-coast high-speed noseblunt slide

41 capps vincent howard DZ 750pxLakai team represent: Capps, Vincent and Howard

42 jascha tj DZ 750pxThree stripers: Jascha Muller and our SOTY TJ

43 finals DZ 750pxHolt Shit! is right!

44 jake 180 sw crooks DZ 750pxJake Anderson, frontsode 180 switch crooks for the best-trick contest before crushing some street spots!

45 mason bluntslide DZ 750pxMason Silva with a power-packed bluntslide pop out

46 sucui varial 50 50 DZ 750pxSuciu, varial heel 50-50. Skills, kid

47 austyn fakie tre DZ 750pxAustyn, fakie tré flip with grace

48 tj bs flip DZ 750pxTJ, backside flip over the hubba—SOTY power!

49 raney bs blip DZ 750pxRaney Beres, backside lip, no wax applied/needed

50 simon method to fakie DZ 750pxIt was a pleasure watching Simon Bannerot dissect the park with his ATV runs—air to fakie

51 evan ng grab out DZ 750pxEvan Smith, nosegrind yank in—all up in the judges’ faces

52 binger bs ng DZ 750pxLocal grotto shredder Binger made it to the finals, backside nosepick

53 on video reunion DZ 750pxOn Video reunion: Amber Dianda, Cole Mathews and Kirk Dianda

54 3 amigos DZ 750pxThree Amigos on Cinco de Mayo: Janoski, Daan and Gillette

55 bros DZ 750pxEpic bros: Drehobl, Becker and Salba

56 ed peabody DZ 750pxBig Ed and Peabody

57 brent emaile DZ 750pxPDX local shredders: Brent Atchley and Emile Laurent

58 flynn cullen DZ 750pxATL’s finest: Ryan Flynn and Cullen

59 bledsoe herman DZ 750pxBledsoe and Herman

60 ed al cousin DZ 750pxCousins 4 real: Big Ed and Al Davis

61 joey kt DZ 750pxAce Joey and KT the God

62 andy nate DZ 750pxDLX duo: Andy Pitts and Nate Alton

63 kaspar jascha DZ 750pxKaspar and Jascha, shoe gurus

64 louie jake DZ 750pxLouie Lopez and Jake Anderson, beanie bros

65 rickand daugther DZ 750pxFather and Daughter: Kalea and Rick McCrank

66 barker johanson art DZ 750pxSkate artists: Barker, Chris Johanson, Arthur Lindsey

67 binger lady DZ 750pxChloe and Binger

68 announcers DZ 750pxMaster MCs: Sal and Welsh

69 louie kf ng DZ 750pxLouie’s kickflip nosegrind was on point

70 ishod kf tail DZ 750pxIshod clocked more hours skating than everyone else combined over the weekend—kickflip tailslide

72 sucui fs blunt DZ 750pxSuciu, front blunt. Mark was on a killing spree!

73 awards DZ 750pxAward time!

74 bros awards DZ 750pxBro moment

75 winners DZ 750pxWinners’ circle

76 top 3 DZ 750pxTop 3—1st: Mark Suciu, 2nd: Louie Lopez, 3rd: Ishod Wair

77 winner winner DZ 750pxWinner winner chicken dinner

78 skate fam DZ 750pxSkate fam for life! Sorry to see you go, Grotto. But thanks for all the rad memories!
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