No Comply x Vans x Daniel Johnston Shoe Release Party

no comply party1 750px


No Comply skateshop in Austin, TX, celebrated their 12-year anniversary by teaming up with Daniel Johnston and Vans to release two shoes adorned with Daniel’s artwork. If you’re unfamiliar with DJ, go watch The Devil and Daniel Johnston and then come back. It’s cool. We’ll wait. Okay, now that you’re up to speed we’ll continue. What better way to celebrate the collaboration than having a release party/art show/jam session with Ray Barbee, Chuck Treece and Josh Lippi at the shop? There’s no better way. That’s your answer. As the sun set over Austin, beverages flowed, the jams were thoroughly kicked out and a bitchin’ time was had by all for a good cause. Not bad. Not bad at all. —David Dittmeyer

Photos by Calvin Millar

no comply party2 750pxLittle parking-lot pre-party to get the evening started. Is Tyson wearing a bathrobe or a lab coat? Either way it’s fashion forward

no comply party3 750pxTyson shares some Lone Star love with Cedric Pabich. We see you, Omar

no comply party4 750pxHomies everywhere—don’t know the dude on the far left but he seems chill, Spencer Owens, Austin OG legend Zac Martin and Martin Lutteke     Photo: Burnett

no comply party5 750pxBrett Stiles (orange koozie), always stylin’     Photo: Burnett

no comply party6 750pxBen Raybourn, paper baggin’ some water     Photo: Burnett

no comply party7 750pxNo Comply co-owner Josh Row. This dude drew a board graphic a day for an entire year—four separate years!     Photo: Burnett

no comply party8 750pxPushead sighting! When skating is outlawed, only outlaws will skate     Photo: Burnett

no comply party9 750pxSpeaking of classic Thrasher t-shirts, Leon Chapdelaine came correct     Photo: Burnett

no comply party10 750pxIs this a thing now?     Photo: Burnett

no comply party11 750pxLiz Lopacki and Stevie Barile getting yerb’d up. Thanks for the mate, Guayaki!

no comply party12 750pxTim Kerr and Tony Vitello! Talk about a star-studded crowd     Photo: Burnett

no comply party13 750pxOur guy Rye Beres and everybody’s guy Josh Johnson     Photo: Burnett

no comply party14 750pxThis puppy is just placed here because he’s adorable

no comply party15 750pxI don’t know who these ladies are but it looks like they’re having a helluva time

no comply party16 750pxOh, snap! Ray’s here!

no comply party17 750pxSmiles all around when Ray’s on the guitar

no comply party18 750pxJosh Lippi supplying the bass lines…

no comply party19 750px…and Chuck Treece on drums. Totally McRadical!

no comply party20 750pxClick approved

no comply party21 750pxHe wears his sunglasses at night…

no comply party22 750pxLauren Deluca, spontaneous dance party

no comply party23 750pxWhile the youth remained stoic

no comply party24 750pxPost-tunes, back at the shop, Rob Homyak and Dylan Roy approve of the New Belgium sponsorship. Beer good

no comply party25 750pxYou know Dharam Khalsa was there, looking all Willie Nelson’d out. And in case you were wondering what those No Comply X Vans X Daniel Johnston kicks looked like…

no comply party26 750pxThe Eras sold out hella quick, proving to be the crowd favorite, but the slip-ons are bitchin’ too. Proceeds from the shoe sales benefit the Hi How Are You Project and its mission to encourage open conversations around mental health

no comply party27 750pxShenanigans in the shop—Dylan Roy, Simon Bingham (shop co-owner) and Josh Johnson are always up to something

no comply party28 750pxMax Jang looking hard as hell in front of Daniel Johnston’s drawings. Atiba and Koston bought a few. They know what’s goodie

no comply party29 750pxLee Daniel (right) rolled through. He was the director of photography on Dazed and Confused. If you haven’t seen it you’re blowing it

no comply party30 750pxLee had a camera crew with him, filming a documentary of some sorts. Of course they found Josh

no comply party31 750pxA modern-day Spicoli he is

no comply party32 750pxRay, never too busy to sign a board

no comply party33 750pxEspecially if it’s a No Comply x Ray Barbee x Muska tribute

no comply party34 750pxDo people still say squad goals?

no comply party35 750pxGet in here, Strubing! Who’s that in the cowboy hat? Is that…

no comply party36 750px…KC’s finest, Sean Malto. When in TX

no comply party37 750pxAfter the party it was time to—well, party! Thanks to Vans, The Hi How Are You Project and Daniel Johnston for making this whole thing a reality. Support your local skate shop if you have one. Congrats on the 12-year mark, No Comply!

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