Pizza's "Southwest Side Story" Photos

Being on the road with the Pizza crew is quite the experience. You have a bar back, an Uber driver, a business major—accompanied by several already accomplished scholars—an en route correctional officer and a couple full-time skateboarders. Luckily, everyone has the same agenda: get the hell out of Dodge and ride skateboards. Five states in 12 days was a task that required everyone to keep it eight more than 92 in a tightly-packed van spending every waking moment together. Luckily, the Pizza dudes are a tight niche. —Kyle Duval

Ryan Martin Switch 180 2 1500px

Ryan Martin gets the legs going with a switch 180 to start off the trip

Ducky Back 5 0 4 1500px

We got to this school as the sun was going down. Ducky Kovacs wasted no time putting together a few clips on this waist-high bar. Back 5-0

Ducky Crooks 4 1500px

Ducky, crooks

Hype 2 1500px

The giant location pin we stole from a car dealership naturally turned into the new soccer ball for morning hype
Ducky boardslide 4 1500px

I’m not sure if Ducky is going through a Billy Idol phase or what. Anyways, here he snakes through a boardslide

Bryan Whalen nollie nose 6 1500px

Bryan Whalen, aka RB, aka Big Red, aka my occasional Uber driver is a wizard on the board.  Wait until you see some of the lines he put together. Nollie noseslide

Jesse Nose yank over 1500px

We spotted this bar to bank from the highway and Jesse Vieira’s wheels started spinning.  Noseslide yank over

Footy check 2 1500px

These guys might read the Bible. Footy check in AZ

Ducky feeble tailgrab 2 1500px

Next up was TX. Ducky, feeble tail grab in the brisk town of El Paso

Andrew Dellas Back 5 0 3 1500px

Dirty Joe and Diego from El Paso took us around for a few days and showed us this virgin hubba. A little TLC and some truck rubs later and Andrew Dellas rolled away from this 5-0

Ducky Smith grind 2 1500px

We made a bet and told Ducky we'd buy him a lap dance if he landed this Smith grind. Needless to say, everything is bigger in Texas. Right, Ducky?
Bryan Whalen Switch Ollie 5 1500px

RB, switch ollie

Ducky Fastplant 2 1500px

Ducky, fastplant

Michael Pulizzi kf hippy 2 1500px

No matter how many times I see this, it still blows my mind.  Michael Pulizzi, kickflip hippy jump

Grand Canyon 2 1500px

Quick stop at the ol’ Grand Canyon

Jesse Feeble transfer 2 1500px

Jesse, feeble transfer

Ducky Back 50 4 1500px

In skateboarding, sometimes getting lost can be a blessing. After a few boardslide attempts, Ducky switched it up and back 50-50d this beast first go

Ducky Ollie over smith 2 1500px

Ducky, ollie over to frontside Smith

Ducky Ollie over back smith 2 1500pxThe cops gave us five minutes to skate this spot and Ducky fired off three tricks in our allotted time. This ollie over to back Smith was a rad one to witness