The Second Abloh Invitational Event Photos

We went back to Miami's Lot 11 to celebrate the life of Virgil Abloh. The team at Architecture got a score of top riders to roll through. From stars like Ishod Wair, Leo Baker, Nicole Hause, Alexis Sablone and Mason Silva to the legends Eric Koston and Kareem Campbell, you name it and they were probably there. DJ DZA spun the ones-and-twos while Neckface held it down on the mic and dropped cash for the heavy-hitting locals. Get a glimpse of the glory below. Thank you, Nike SB and Andrew Skateshop for all the help. —Atiba

01Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaFirst up, all the way from Nueva York, we see Alexis and Leo before they take to the Lot

21Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaNak couldn’t wait for the demo

36Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaGive it up for the team that made it all happen: Gogo, Mahfuz, Shannon, Pedro and Henry

24Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaYoung gun and the OG—Marcos and Kareem

06Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaDJ DZA brought the bass under the bridge

10Abloh Invitational 2 Atibais that graffiti legend Futura gettin' BGPs behind Kader and Bia? Yes, yes it is

11Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaLooks like the whole gang’s here

12Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaOkay, now they're all here

37Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaWright family reunion back home

08Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaIt’s all family today. Kareem, Shannon, Benji, Bita and Mahfuz

28Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaStyle for miles, Todd Jordan and Jon Newport

16Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaKoston links up with Futura and company

17Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaKareem had to get his Futura flick too

34Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaAll the bros: Zach, Ty, Franz, Stevie and Kader. Alright, let’s see who’s gettin’ some

02Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaRight to it—Alexis hits a heelflip over the hydrant

05Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaKoston gets her back with a classic backside flip

31Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaSage probably didn’t need the bump for this one, but we ain’t mad at the extra air. Front 360

03Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaKareem’s here for the hype

09Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaDouble threat Franz from Turnstile takes the day off the bass to get a front board

07Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaHawaii 5-0 ain’t just a show. Evan Mock clacks tiles around the bend

04Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaOver on the set, we got spring-loaded Antonio Durao soarin’ a switch bomb

13Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaIsh with the swish varial heel. Shit, switch

15Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaK-White with a crowd-pleasing front blunt

26Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaNicole can do it all. Lofty O

29Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaOne of Nak’s many moves for the day, nosegrind

33Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaTerrill adds a little twist to it. Frontside noseblunt

30Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaRobert Neal, nollie big heel. That’s fun to say

22Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaPay it forward, kids

32Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaSage gets it. Okay, what’s next?

39Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaLooks like finishing touches on somethin' special

35Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaWho's hungry?

14Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaFirst dip, Jake Anderson floats a hearty frontside flip

19Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaMarcos Montoya brings a noseblunt back from the brink

20Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaMason wants a taste too. Blunt to fakie

27Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaAlways lookin’ to get some air, Nicole blasts one off the back

40Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaYou know Zion’s down for some hangtime—evidenced here, somewhere between Jordan and Sheckler

41Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaDamn! Looks like that might be it

25Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaNope! The barricade’s in and Nick can’t resist. Front board with the assist from Pad and Neck

18Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaLouie’s always good for a demo ender. Big air to 5-0. So there’s only one thing left…

23Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaThe most flush proddy toss you’ve ever seen!

38Abloh Invitational 2 AtibaWe do this for Virgil. Thanks to everyone who came through. See you next year!
  • January 1994

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