SOTY Party 2019 Photos

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rotting mini ramp in the woods, you undoubtedly already know that Milton Martinez is our 2019 Skater of the Year. We celebrated his win this past Friday with a bangin'-ass party in The City by the Bay. Didn’t make it? There’s always 2020, homies! Live vicariously ’til then… 


DZB 3782 DZ

Nothing unusual about a cold, wet Dec evening in SF


DZB 3804 DZ

Good thing the party was heating up inside! Damn right he’s still watchin’

 DZB 3815 DZ

Cher Strauberry and Jim Thiebaud—two skateboarders


 DSC5050 DZ

Lee Berman and Grimple’s Gerwer. Love you, Benny Boy


 DSC5055 DZ

Hellriders, Neck and Arco. Fuck it down 


 DSC5064 DZ

Lui and Gary, our guys


 DSC5072 DZ

Schmitty, Burndog, J-Fish and Sieben—friends of your dad


 DSC5081 DZ

SF OGs, TG and Marcos Nieves 


 DSC5082 DZ

Jack Given and Dela 


 DSC5086 DZ

Northwest OGs, Wez Lundry and Cody Lockwood


 DSC5100 DZ

Raised by wolves—Wheat Berry and Big Hongry 


 DSC5128 DZ

Rachel, Evan Smith, Steamer and Eben Sterling


 DSC5132 DZ

Alex Galles and Jake Smith, Creature’s new brand manager 


 DSC5138 DZ

Hongry bearing green gifts for our 2019 SOTY. Willis Kimbel is feeling the love


 DSC5141 DZ

Hellriders, Cards and Wheat. Happy belated Bday, JC!


 DSC5146 DZ

JJ, Noelle and Schmitty


 DSC5152 DZ

Cyrus, Christian Alexander, Cobra Cole, D’ontae and K-Walks


 DSC5153 DZ

K-Walks, Bira and Squirrel Blood


 DSC5161 DZ

Ewan Bowman, Rhino, Tino Razo and Hongry. Thanks for letting us hit the bowl, Tino! 


 DSC5162 DZ

FTC Ando and Roma 


 DSC5165 DZ

D’ontae, Oliver, Farkus and DAF Noah


DZB 3832 DZ

Rose, Francis, Gerwer and the Duffys


DZB 3834 DZ

Gwynn and Keith wouldn’t miss it!


DZB 3839 DZ

To all the ladies in the house…


DZB 3843 DZ

Talkin' Schmit and Burnout. Helluva speech, Mike


DZB 3857 DZ

Bækkel and Gravette—Creature Double Feature


DZB 3858 DZ

P-Stone and Jake, never forget


DZB 3860 DZ

The Martinezes


DZB 3881 DZ

We see you, Alán


DZB 3889 DZ

Joogy, Al Davis and Tory


DZB 3890 DZ

Cyrus and Freddy with heavy Earth tones


DZB 3895 DZ

Louie or Lui, you choose (no bad answer here)


DZB 3899 DZ

Wheels o’ steel


DZB 3902 DZ

Jimmy Wilkins, on the mend


 JH34723 DZ

Papke BYOBd. Smart man


 JH34731 DZ

The Coles: Red and Chris


 JH34773 DZ

NHS salt-of-the-Earth squad: Hitz, Guzman and Rhino. Doesn’t get any better


 JH34779 DZ

Hongry and Spider, into the pit


 JH34793 DZ

Guzman, Figgy and DAF Noah, always stoked


DZB 3945 DZ

Stone Vengeance totally ripped shit up


DZB 4086 DZ

The pit got progressively gnarlier


DZB 4167 DZ

Not just dudes in the house


DZB 4178 DZ

Real question from earlier in the night: “Is that Tom Grom?”


 JH35023 DZ

Duffy, Wez and Wes—Tres leyendas


DZB 4190 DZ



DZB 4193 DZ

Somewhat patiently awaiting…


 JH34851 DZ

Mark Gonzales brought the SOTY trophy (and some bunny ears) onstage for Burnett


DZB 4292 DZ

There it is  


DZB 4340 DZ

“Ooo-ga boo-ga…”


DZB 4414 DZ

Rapid dance moves. We should all be so lucky


DZB 4423 DZ

Our reluctant hero appears


DZB 4432 DZ

“Mil-Ton, Mil-Ton!”


DZB 4510 DZ

Hey, you need this, Milton


DZB 4514 DZ



DZB 4521 DZ

I just wanna say…


 JH34967 DZ

One thing…


 JH34971 DZ



DZB 4480 DZ

It’s a family affair


DZB 4523 DZ

A man of few words, our ’19 SOTY lets his skating do the talking


DZB 4726 DZ

Then Tommy Wright III took the stage


DZB 4895 DZ

And closed the party the F down! 


DZB 4934 DZ

Congrats, Milton, on your 2019 SOTY win—the streets never knew what hit ‘em! Excited to see your upcoming SOTY trip victory lap—the stoke never sleeps! Who’s your bet for 2020?!

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