The Age of Aquarius: Killing Floor Goes to War

killing floor photo1 750pxThis is the dawning of the age of Aquarius     Photo: Randozzi

When i think about skateboard videos certain things come to mind—memories surface from my past. I know that my view of what a video should or should not be is irrelevant and edits come and go these days in the blink of an eye, as does almost everything in our culture. All is disposable it seems. How quickly we tend to forget some of the most amazing acts performed on a skateboard these days. Not to mention the current state of skateboard talent lies somewhere between insanity and absurdity, but when I reminisce on some of my favorite videos from the past, the things I remember the clearest are not only the difficulty of the trick, the NBDs at the spot or the shock value, but more so the feeling I get from them. Aquarius is the culmination of a small, relatively lesser-known group of individuals that came together with one predominant goal: to create a film that made people want to ride their skateboard and enjoy the inspiration and creativity it imparts on us as skateboarders. Aquarius is a product of the heart and soul and the individuals involved are all amazing skateboarders, but more importantly, amazing humans. I'm not sure if it's even possible to make a timeless video nowadays, but that was our hopes while working on this project. Ultimately, if this video makes you want to go out and ride, then in my mind it was a total success.


By John Vitale

killing floor photo2 750pxJosh has nothing but Love for Portland—nollie 180 to switch crooks     Photo: Roberts

killing floor photo3 750pxAndrew Gray ollies an elephant in AZ and avoids getting any trunk in his junk     Photo: Palmer

killing floor photo4 750pxMen at work. Lance's job looks more fun to me. Mr. Chapin nosebonks in New Orleans     Photo: Simonson

killing floor photo5 750pxYou don’t usually see the word “nollie” in the same caption as “bump to bar.” Josh Love fought for this one but won the battle     Photo: Roberts

killing floor photo6 750pxIt ain’t no fun if the filmer can’t get none. Seth Haupt takes a break from the camera to pole jam into a back Smith. Film that!     Photo: Palmer

killing floor photo7 750pxJosh Love, switch shove over the zoo bomb gap in Portland. Boom!     Photo: Roberts

killing floor photo9 750pxSkatestoppers be damned! Mr. Love frontside flips in LA on a late-night mission     Photo: Joe Madrigal

killing floor photo10 750pxOur new Japanese recruit, Mr. Daichi Ishibashi is a style master. Everything he does makes you feel something. He’s a true gem and we are honored he’s part of the family—kickflip     Photo: Fujitake

killing floor photo11 750pxAndrew Gray, jump up, nollie back 180. After seeing this spot and all its weirdness in person, i can vouch for it's impossibleness. Leave it to Andrew to find a "spot" that's not a spot at all and make it look all too easy     Photo: JD Palmer

killing floor photo12 750pxJosh Anderson, back 180 nosegrind off a nonexistent bump in PDX     Photo: Roberts

killing floor photo13 750pxDaichi has magic toadstool feet. He makes everything look memorable. Another classic kf in JP     Photo: Fujitake

killing floor photo14 750pxJosh Anderson, backside noseblunt at a pretty unbelievable spot in Mexico City. Hermoso!     Photo: May

killing floor photo15 750pxAndrew Gray, ollie to wallride above a Dr. Seuss rail     Photo: Palmer

killing floor photo16 750pxClassic PDX crust—Josh Love brought us to this spot in North Portland and snagged this backside ollie (and a switch 5-0 to boot)     Photo: Knapp-Prasek

killing floor photo17 750pxFrontsie pop shove into the bank, Andrew Gray rides some rubble in Japan     Photo: Yoshimoto

killing floor photo18 750pxJosh Love drove up to Seattle and filled in a giant crack at this spot with Bondo. Security came and dug it all out before it was dry, so he came back an hour later, strapped a bunch of duct tape over it and got the trick—switch flip over the rail. Love conquers all!     Photo: Roberts

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