The Big O Ten-Year Anniversary Jam Photos

TWO-THOUSAND-TWENTY-THREE marks the TEn-year anniversary of the Big O's rebirth after it was saved and moved. So, obviously, a celebration was in order. Ace Trucks in association with Mehrathon Trading and Big O Bastards crew organized a jam to celebrate the occasion at the epic spot. The weather was definitely not favorable, yet we rolled the dice. It rained a few times, but we were equipped to get it dry in a flash. DJ Upperkutz got the vibes going and the trucks started barking. Collisions, close calls, hang-ups and bangers, it had all the ingredients required for a good ol' jam. Lots of dollar bills were handed out during the best trick and people threw down. Everyone kept skating through the day, but after a while, it was time for the official Big O soundclash between selectors Juan Love and Spoon-Bee and it did not disappoint. They mashed up the place! Five minutes after their sets, a huge thunderstorm hit, so it was a blessing from the Skate Gods that everything went down without a hiccup. Huge shoutout to Vans Canada and Empire for their support. We couldn't have done it without them. —Marc Tison

Photos by Dan Mathieu

1Pioneers showing off their vintage Big O Ace trucks 1.0

3Everyone was all in for the cause

4Big O Bastards merch—get you some!

5Adamo pizza is always down for the culture

6Mami was jonesing to get some

9Ace Trucks grand puba Joey Tershay with Uncle Sammy

14Justin, Spanky and Kenny don't like rain

16Phil Dulude and his dad Pat, generations of gnar

17No, I'm not an olympian but I always find time to make jokes

18But seriously, an Olympic cat ran through here with a torch in '76. Ask Akira

19Chris St-Cyr… present!

21Barry Walsh, because style matters

23Jeremy Seguin, back D with the quickness

25I thought Barry said he wasn't doing doubles anymore?!

26Keeping the place clean, Jazzy made sure to sweep it

28Phil Dulude with a buttery oop frontside ollie

29Adam Greene didn't break into a Slim Jim, but he MCd the jam like a boss

30Barry spends most of his time in the air. Ollie to fakie

31Inverts are rare at the O. Hopkins gets upside down

32Hugo picking boogers. He probably did a backside shove out of this

33Hungry hungry hippos

34Hugo with a fat kickflip over the deathbox, which were actually light boxes in the '70s 

35Mackenzie Carruthers destroys every inch of this place. Seeing him skate is a treat

36Alexis' magic potion—drink as many as you want but you'll never be as creative as him

37John Cardiel and Barry Walsh… inna dee place

39Masters of the lens and retail

40Young Emma busted a sick beatbox banger

41The masses gathered to the stage for the Big O soundclash

42Spoon-Bee got the place warmed up

43Selectors Spoon-Bee and Juan Love, musical addicts

47Still here

48Limited-edition souvenirs baked at Homegrown skateboards

49Juan Love leveling the vibes with host Danny Rebel

50Gladly rescheduled their golf plans to be here

52Sebby has a lot of sole

53Marty and Felix, decades of pipe localism

54The Hop definitely got wet

55DJ Pikan-T of Hi-Five Sound (the day's MVP) and Chris, lifted

56Reunited and it feels so good

57Let the games begin

58From concept to realization to takeover

59Back in the O, Adam Hopkins powering through a FSNBS

60Commander General Kevin Cann… DIIIIIITCH!!!

61Mami Tezuka shredded hard all day. Monty would approve

63The Mighty Vernon Maytone graced us with a few songs

65Big fan

66The last song was the Big O Anthem, by our beloved friend Akira Betts—missed but never forgotten

68WE WILL BE HERE FOREVER! Thanks to everyone that made this happen

69Adam Hopkins and Matt Dupuis split the purse for the Ace Of The Day award

70Let’s leave with some heat to remember it by. Matt Dupuis snatches a stalefish. See you at the 11-year party

Now check all the action in with this killer recap vid by Daniel Policelli
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