The Follow Up: Tre Williams

Tre Portrait Strand

Photo: Strand

Hailing from Riverside, California, Toy Machine upstart Tre Williams just released his first legit video part in Pig Wheels' Extra Crispy video. I caught up with Tre at Cherry park an hour before the Long Beach premiere to find out what went into making the video. Enjoy. —Ben Karpinski

Lets start with the basics: how old are you and where are you from?
I’m 21 years old and I'm from Riverside California.

Have you always lived in Riverside?
Yeah, I have lived there my whole life.

What park did you grow up skating?
Home Park in Riverside. That’s where Braxton and Forrest and all of us skated every day. There were a few summers where we would drive out to the Santana Park in Corona a bunch, though.

Tre Overcrook StrandOvercrook on Austin Stephens’s rail. The Inland Empire/Tum Yeto connection goes deep   Photo: Strand

I can tell. It seems like anyone that skates Santana Park is real comfy on kinked rails: Matt B, Jeremy Leabres, you and Braxton.
Yeah, That kinked rail is perfect. Definitely helps with learning new tricks.

Is that where you met Billy Marks? How did you get hooked up with Tum Yeto?
I’d see Billy around when I was a little kid. I just don’t think he remembered me. I met Billy officially through Forrest years later, though, just going out on missions.

Is there a secret Inland Empire Tum Yeto connection? It seems like there have been way more team riders to come out of the I.E. than there ever has out of San Diego.
That’s pretty crazy to think about. I have no idea. I think it’s just a strange coincidence, though.

Braxton wanted me to ask you what you’re favorite Iron Maiden song is?
Ha! Is this because of the shirt?

Tre FrontFeeble StrandChalk another one up to the Santana kink rail, front feeble   Photo: Strand

I’m pretty sure.
Well, I just got the shirt because of him. I don’t know any of the songs by heart but the few he showed me are cool.

What type of music do you like?
I like trap music.

When did you get the braces off?
January 7th. Ha! Got the date on lock.

How long were you running those?
Two-and-a-half years. So hyped to get them off.

Tre FsBlunt KarpinskiFront blunt in Riverside city limits   Photo: Karpinski

So I see you have been skating in Vans lately.
Yeah, they are tight.

Have Johnny Layton and Matt B been taking care of you?
I usually go through B, but yeah, they are taking good care of me. It’s been great. They have been hooking it up.

How was going out to Phoenix with all those guys?
That was my favorite trip to date. There was such a big crew. Good times.

What is the furthest you have been away from home?
Albuquerque with the Toy Machine guys last year would have to be the furthest.

Tre SwSmith StrandLogos out switch Smith   Photo: Strand

Did you get to stay at the Lutheran’s house?
Yeah, his house is sick. His parents are so nice too. It’s no wonder he turned out how he did.

Have you skated with Templeton yet?
Only at a few demos. I have yet to hit the streets with him.

Where are you working these days?
I have a warehouse job at a Walmart distribution center.

Crazy. I always thought you worked at Active.
I used to but it was just seasonal.

Tre KickfrontBoard StrandSuper-sized kickflip front board   Photo: Strand

Did they give you a pay increase for winning all those adidas shop contests?
Sadly, they did not.

Who is a pickier eater, you or Mike Sinclair?
I’d say me for sure.

Really? Please tell me you have at least eaten a strawberry before.
I mean, yeah, I’ve at least tried fruit before. I guess I don’t really pay attention to what Mike eats. Everyone just makes fun of me because I only eat McDonald's and don’t really go anywhere else, so I think that’s why I get the rap as picky.

So this is a Pig thing. What wheels do you normally ride?
I ride 54s.

Tre FsBoard StrandFront board over the stairs   Photo: Strand

The special wide ones?
They are called the C-Lines—they have more of a square shape. I only ride colored wheels too. For some reason I can’t do the white wheels anymore.

Who have you been skating with out in Riverside?
I have been skating with Nolan Miskell a bunch. He has been killing it lately. I was skating with Forrest a bit but now it seems like he is stuck out here in Long Beach. The last couple of missions I was on it was just me and the filmer.

What has Forrest been up to lately?
Seems like he has been stranded in Long Beach just skating with Dane a ton. It’s what he needs to do, though. He is with the right crew and he doesn’t need to be in Riverside right now.

Would you ever move out of the Inland Empire?
I’m sure I will move out one day, either to Long Beach or LA. I’m chilling for now, though.

Tre front crooks rhinoHell of a way to end a line, front crook   Photo: Rhino

How long have you been filming for Extra Crispy?
It’s been about a year, maybe a year and some change.

Is this your first part in a company video?
Yup, first real part.

Have you seen the video yet?
Nope. I think Braxton did, though. I haven’t been to Don’s house in forever so it is going to be a surprise to me.

What was the hardest trick for you?
My last trick for sure.

Tre BsTail BeckleyNightmare turned dream come true, back tail, HK rail   Photo: Beckley

The back tail?
Yeah, it was a mental and physical battle. Almost more mental, though.

Did the aluminum stick at all?
Oh yeah. I got tossed a few times.

So what’s next for Tre?
I would like to start working on another part right away. I’m down to start filming again as soon as possible. Like, next weekend.

Any thank yous?
Mike Sinclair, Ed Templeton, Matt B and Griffin, the entire Toy Machine and Pig teams, all my friends, everyone at Thrasher, my mom and God.

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