The Search For The Perfect Am

perfect am titleLet’s face it, everybody rips. Shredding, that’s the easy part. With a veritable sponsor-me tape sitting in everyone’s pocket, what are today’s team managers and company owners really looking for in their next top prospect? Want the quick climb like Kader? Or the slow descent into man-am land? Read on!

perfectam julienstrangerWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
Amateur or not, for me it’s someone whose skating you believe in, someone whose heart and head are in it for the right reasons and who brings something original to the mix.

How can they blow it?
Self-interested ego shit doesn’t make it too far in the van. But once you’re in the van it’s pretty hard to really blow it.

perfectam jasoncelayaWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
I hold tasteful creativity in the highest regard. The way you do your tricks, power, speed and grace. Multifaceted, interesting people who are fun-loving. I want to be inspired. Gnarliness is not on the list.

How can they blow it?
We are riding little toys. Taking yourself too seriously can be a drag. Behavior unbecoming of a decent human being, in person or online, can ensure a quick exit. Not skating enough can also be a problem.

perfectam mikesinclairWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
I always look for someone who I think has the potential to become a professional skateboarder one day. Once you make it past flow, you can’t just rely on being good, there has to be something special about you, something that stands out and makes people pay attention to you. It could be your style, your trick selection or how gnarly or innovative you are, but the most important thing is can this am ride in the fucking van?

How can they blow it?
I have seen so many skaters blow it in so many different ways but the typical one is the skater thinking the grass is greener somewhere else, jumping around from team to team. The second most common way to blow it is time wasted. This shit moves quick!

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perfectam grantyansuraWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
Someone who can hang when skateboards are not in the equation.

How can they blow it?
Not try hard enough or try too hard. Good luck figuring that out.

perfectam paulshierWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
Style and attitude comes first. You can do the craziest shit but if you look like a turd and your head is put on backwards it’s not going to happen. If you are progressing and can see things a little differently, enjoy where you are and who you are with, you will go a lot further.

How can they blow it?
Complain about where they are, not skate when you are on a skate trip, think it’s all about you and not the crew, be late, miss flights, headphones, food issues, not embrace the moment.

perfectam alexwhiteWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
A lack of personal boundaries, a disregard for personal safety and a “can-do” attitude. Basically, Aaron Goure.

How can they blow it?
If they forget to address me as “Ma’am” they’re cut.

perfectam remystrattonWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
I look at how they skate, their style, how they perceive terrain, draw lines, their energy levels and overall vibe. It boils down to: is working with this person a good experience or a time-consuming nightmare?

How can they blow it?
Flake, go MIA, not back the Stone, cause issues on the road, burn bridges within the industry, drain the vibe, cause friction.

perfectam jacobsmithWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
Skaters who can break through the noise with their skating and carve their own path, showing originality and creativity, someone who doesn’t fit any particular mold. Every once in a while, a skater comes along that has that special ingredient that you just can’t quite put your finger on. It’s hard to even explain exactly what that is, but when you see it, you see it, and you know it’s magic.

How can they blow it?
If the team is bummed you’re on the trip, that’s not a good look. Respect your team riders, the TM, and of course, your elders. Don’t make the team wait on you—ever.

perfectam mattbennettWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
Someone who rips and stands out, on and off the board. Must have a good attitude and want to be a part of the brand. Team players!

How can they blow it?
If you make my job hard, you’re blowing it. Don’t kook out. Go with the flow and find your spot. Pick up your phone or I might stop calling.

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perfectam bramWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
Just skate, plain and simple. Skate and film. Be out in the streets. Skate more and harder than the pros on the team. Be yourself. Show some initiative. Have a good head on your shoulders and know your spot in the van. Figuratively.

How can they blow it?
Don’t get distracted. There’s some weird opportunities out there that can take someone away from the real thing. Quality over quantity is still very real.

perfectam jasondillWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
I’m the owner and creator of the company. As far as who is on, Nak is the leader of the team. Anyone who gets on is voted on. Each pro votes yes or no. The whole thing is a democracy and pretty much outta my hands. Jared is the team manager. Thanks, Jared. All that said, it’s up to the team to say what’s up and who’s on. I’d like to thank Earl Sweatshirt for being the official spokesperson of our operation. He’s like the Donald Rumsfeld of FA. My advice? Be you and do different shit than other people. You get noticed, good or bad. Take it from there and improve. That’s being a future pro.

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perfectam rhinoWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
Generally looking for an am (male and female), younger in age producing good footage, with good style. Someone who rips, loves skateboarding and leaves all the bullshit behind. Basically out there working hard and getting respect from other skaters. A good attitude and being motivated will get you a long way.

How can they blow it?
Being lazy, bitching about spots, flaking all the time, endless excuses, partying too much. You don’t want to be that guy in the van whining about everything.

perfectam louiebarlettaWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
Someone who stands out, someone you can picture a kid saying is their all-time favorite skater. Then you look to see if their character will stand the test of time. Would that same kid be embarrassed to admit their first board ever was that guy’s/girl’s?

How can they blow it?
The number-one way for a skater to blow it is to think he deserves it. Probably the only thing I agreed with Jake on is that skateboarding is something you earn, not something you’re owed.

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perfectam austinstephensWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
Someone who likes to skate everything, has a unique approach, cool style and good trick selection. I like skaters who aren’t afraid to be themselves and don’t just follow trends. I also look for a skater whose unique personality comes through in their footage and photos.

How can they blow it?
Being difficult to work with, complaining a lot and annoying the other team riders. Disappearing on trips, hard to get ahold of, missing events and demos and for no reason are all good ways to blow it.

perfectam jimmyastlefordWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
A great skater who fits the brand, is self-motivated, punctual, doesn’t have a significant other to distract them and hasn’t been or isn’t on their way to rehab. Basically a unicorn! And in time, any and all of the above may change once that individual is deemed, “the new am.”

How can they blow it?
It starts with having etiquette. Don’t be a dick. Don’t expect things. Share your shit. Offer to help when help is needed. If you abide by the golden rule, then your chances of being invited back will be much higher.

perfectam jaythorpeWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
It’s usually a friend of a team rider or a kid that a rider is psyched on. Definitely needs to be able to hang in the van and take a little torture. Play your part and help out with whatever it may be be—clean up the van, pack up the lights and generator, bring weed or beer if you partake in those things. And most of all, get out there and skate!

How can they blow it?
Just skate don’t be annoying. Get to know and become friends with the people on the team. Just be hyped you’re in the van!

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perfectam tyroneromeroWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
Butter flatground, a good push and the ability to dress well. Everybody’s good! Bring something to the table that makes you stand out.

How can they blow it?
Getting too comfortable too quick, not taking advantage of an opportunity provided for you. Basically don’t be a mark and appreciate the people around you trying to help your situation.

perfectam natealtonWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
REAL is a family affair, so not only are we looking for a kid who rips on a skateboard and stands out from the crowd, but also someone the rest of the team gets along with and wants to sit next to in the van. You could be gnarly as fuck and skate everything, but if the crew isn’t backing you, we’re not down.

How can they blow it?
Don’t bum out the rest of the team with your actions or words and if you make a Starbucks run in the morning, don’t forget to ask the TM if he wants anything!
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perfectam richardhughesWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
Some kid might send you a couple minutes of fire footage, and then after an IG check, you realize the kid is just jocking anybody that will send him a box. Or maybe it’s the other way around. You might get a DM from a kid with a huge IG following and tons of “drip” but when it comes to the real street footage, he’s got nothing. The ideal combination would be: good style, good attitude and a burning to desire to skate.

How can they blow it?
Bad attitude is the number one killer. If they can’t appreciate a free trip in a foreign country where all they have to do is skate and have a good time, fuck ’em. If the skater can’t pull their weight then we start to lose our balance. With that being said, another huge turn off is someone who can’t do anything for themselves. Always relying on someone else.

perfectam timcisilinoWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
Somebody who is grateful for the opportunity and willing to put 100 percent into proving themselves. Talent is a must, but being able to hang and get along with the team is equally as important. Another thing I look for is a total skate rat who wants to push themselves and progress their career and is there because they love the brand and are stoked to be a part of something rad, not just because of the paycheck.

How can they blow it?
A big one is becoming fried and not even realizing it. I’ve seen a lot of skaters get into the mix and fade out from partying too hard or having more talent than motivation. There have been incredible skaters who never had to work a real job before and didn’t realize how lucky they truly were.

perfectam paulrodriguezWhat are you looking for in an amateur team rider?
You have to go off a feeling more than anything. Primitive has such a stacked team that we’re actually not looking. So, the person has to command your attention. They have to be someone who you can’t ignore, and in this case, Giovanni is certifiably unignorable! He’s a nice kid, he’s humble and he looks good on a skateboard. Plus, his trick selection is something different.

How can they blow it?
For me, it really comes down to attitude and work ethic, especially when you’re trying to get your foot in the door. If you’re a pain in the ass in any situation, like if you’re always the last one in the van or you’re rude or too wild and reckless, at least for our squad, that’s probably going to turn off all the team and it’s not going to work out.

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