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Behind the French Fred Scenes Teaser

Menikmati debuted in 2000 and marked the dawn of a new era. Things got gnarly and were being filmed with a quality never seen before. French Fred was behind the lens. Now he's opening up his archives. From Koston's éS years to Rowley's suicidal Flip stunts. Get ready.

  • French Fred Slideshow

    French Fred Slideshow
    A sweet audio/visual piece from master lensman Fred Mortagne. Check it out...
  • Fred Mortagne's "Attraper au vol" Book

    Fred Mortagne's "Attraper au vol" Book
    French Fred is primarily known for his videography, but he’s an amazing photographer as well, and his new book is a beauty. Pick up a copy here!
  • Jaws vs the Lyon 25

    Jaws vs the Lyon 25
    Biggest. Drop. Ever! Jaws plummets his way into skateboarding history with nerves of steel, joints of rubber and a little help from Ali Boulala. Skateboarding rules!
  • BFFS: Tom Penny

    BFFS: Tom Penny
    Like a precious treasure, Tom Penny footage is always gold. Here's raw clips of him hunting spots, battling tricks, and of course his always one-of-a-kind style.
  • BFFS: Ed Templeton and Friends Part 2

    BFFS: Ed Templeton and Friends Part 2
    Amazing footage of an all-star cast. Hurry up and watch!