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Classics: Antwuan Dixon "Baker 3"

People may talk about his tats and wild stories, but Antwuan's skating will live forever. Pat McLain introduces this classic Baker 3 part and asks Antwuan to keep producing amazing footage.

  • Skateline: 01.30.2024

    Skateline: 01.30.2024
    Gary goes into Joseph Campos' FA part, Ville Wester's Nike SB part, Baker Has a Deathwish 2, Satan's Drano's Dranochugger IV video, Louie Lopez' key to the city and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Burnout: BHADW2!

    Burnout: BHADW2!
    LA pulled up hard for the first major premiere of the year ––Baker Has a Deathwish Part 2 brought friends, fans and family from Philly, Torrance, Florida and beyond!
  • FTP's "American Terrorist" Video

    FTP's "American Terrorist" Video
    Antwuan, Quel, and the whole squad pop off while Chris Drysen scores a promotion to the professional ranks. BIG UPS.
  • Atiba Jefferson's "Your Socks Don't Match" Show Photos

    Atiba Jefferson's "Your Socks Don't Match" Show Photos
    Atiba linked up with Stance and cracked open the archives to give the Silverlake art crowd a look at some gems from his storied career. Peep it here.
  • Burnout: Hollywood Jam Up

    Burnout: Hollywood Jam Up
    Hella photos from the FA Hollywood Skate Jam 2. Didn’t make the site? There’s always next year!