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Dakota Hunt's "Life Dance" Part

Sketchy tail drops and octuple-kink grinds are just part of the fun. With his carefree character in the streets and on TV, Dakota sparks the party everywhere. Get off your seat and skate. 

  • Dakota Hunt in Florida

    Dakota Hunt in Florida
    Dakota Hunt handled some winter business for Indy with a solid week of rippin’ in the Sunshine State.
  • SOTY Video Premiere

    SOTY Video Premiere
    The SOTY Oz Video premiered in Long Beach a few nights ago and all the good homies came out to get a sneak peek. Peep game and get ready for the vid dropping soon! 
  • Florida Daze "Tangerine" Montage

    Florida Daze "Tangerine" Montage
    Florida’s rich skateboarding history amplifies every year, with more and more talent emerging from the Sunshine State. Here’s a new montage from the Florida Daze crew, most of whom have carved their way out west.
  • Welcome in The Eurogenous Zone

    Welcome in The Eurogenous Zone
    Every Welcome rider has a unique bag of tricks. So, when you multiple that by eight riders and then add dozens of amazing spots, you get one creative, incredible tour vid.
  • Dalton and Dakota's "Pay Dirt" Parts

    Dalton and Dakota's "Pay Dirt" Parts
    Check out Dakota Hunt and Dalton Dern's parts from Scott Gerent's latest video, Pay Dirt.