Wheels of Fortune 12 Photo Recap

WARNING: This photo story will give you a solid dose of FOMO. Skate Like a Girl’s epic 12th edition of Wheels of Fortune was a sensational hit. This May, skaters from the majority of Earth’s continents gathered in Rain City, also known as Seattle, Washington. Hungry for fun with their favorite pros, Instagram acquaintances and long-distance homies, the astrology-themed menu didn’t disappoint: moshing, crowd surfing, Witch Hunting, broken-voice karaoke and, of course, good ol’ skating. Get a glimpse of what you might have missed or can’t remember. —Emanuele Barbier

Photos Raisa Abal, Norma Ibarra and Nam-Chi Van

1 WOF12 IBARRA 2000After a year-plus hiatus, Wheels of Fortune 12 was back with a legendary session at the Seattle Center Skate Plaza, known by locals as “SeaSk8”

2 WOF12 IBARRA 2000Icons all around, so you know it’s about to go down!

3 WOF12 VAN 2000Abi Teixeira, Shag and friends were all smiles as they checked out the terrain

4 WOF12 IBARRA 2000Storming into Seattle to get it started, Bay Area baddie Neeks busted out a hurricane, perhaps an omen for the following day’s weather

5 WOF12 IBARRA 2000Fellow traveler Yurin Fujii flew in from Japan to flow through the crowd and steal a steezy crooked grind

6 WOF12 RAISAABAL SEASK8 MAITE BSLIPESLIDE NOTFINAL 2000In more international news, Belgian royalty Maité Steenhoudt showed how it's done with a back lip over the hole

7 WOF12 IBARRA 8925 SHEESY SMITH 2000OZ legend Sheezy followed suit, dipping deep with this Smith grind over the hip

8 WOF12 RAISAABAL SEASK8 VITORIA01 2000Brazil’s Vitória Mendonça brought her world-renowned heelflip, as seen here flicking out of a front tail

10 NVAN WOF 12 DAY1 34 2000As the out-of-towners continued to cover the park, a solid squad broke away for a media panel moderated by Kim Woozy featuring the likes of Alex White, Pipa Souza, Raisa Abal and Norma Ibarra

11 NVAN WOF 12 DAY1 32 2000Hailing from São Paolo, Pipa Souza brought a fresh perspective from her journey through skateboarding, photography, publishing and broadcasting

12 NVAN WOF 12 DAY1 33 2000Industry veteran Alex White then shared a long list of Ws and Ls from her illustrious career

13NVAN WOF 12 DAY1 43 2000Present and future game-changing filmers, photographers, writers, broadcasters, artists and publishers, you name ’em—they were in that room

14 WOF12 IBARRA 0061 RAISANDPIPA 2000You know WOF had the coolest woman-owned independent mags in the building. Seen here: Pipa Souza  from Into the Mirror and Raisa Abal from Dolores

15 NVAN WOF 12 DAY1 72 2000After the opening events, it was time for the welcome party. We got it going with a screening of the new documentary A Mobile Community about the social skate project Free Movement, and of course a few skate vids

16 NVAN WOF 12 DAY1 82 2000Fuck it. Cornhole at the skateboarding event

17 WOF12 IBARRA 0141 2000Shining bright like diamonds, Montreal’s Bedazzled crew came dripped up

18 WOF12 IBARRA 0121 2000WOF would not be possible without the tireless work of its 70-plus volunteers. We salute you

19 WOF12 IBARRA 0264 2000Audge, Shari, Jessie, Lisa and Annie took a break from scheming their next big move in the industry to pose for this nice group shot

20WOF12 RAISAABAL WELCOMEPARTY 16 2000Anyone else blushing just looking at these beautiful faces?

21 WOF12 RAISAABAL WELCOMEPARTY 05 2000After the Free Movement documentary, the skate video premieres popped off with a local edit Heels on Wheels by Eva Schneider

22 WOF12 RAISAABAL WELCOMEPARTY 01 2000The reports are in: The cheers and screams during the Bedazzled premiere were heard all the way in Montreal

23 WOF12 IBARRA 0351 2000Then the crowd was blessed with an exclusive screening of Georgia Martin’s pro part in Toy Machine’s latest video REAL LIFE SUCKS

23.1WOF12 IBARRA FILMERS 9134 2000The screenings capped off with me and my fellow Canada-based filmer Daria Dayle premiering our respective videos Bedazzled and We Just Got Here

24 NVAN WOF 12 DAY1 134 2000Watch out, world, you’re not ready for the Tallman/Martin takeover

25 NVAN WOF 12 DAY1 109 2000Where would we be without these three?

26 NVAN WOF 12 DAY1 94 2000The California contingent is always strong at Wheels of Fortune

27 WOF12 RAISAABAL WELCOMEPARTY DJBOOTH01 2000All the way from the East Coast, DJ Code Abi came to get the crowd movin’

28 WOF12 IBARRA 9196 WELCOMEPARTY 2000Last Friday night, yeah, we danced on table tops, and then Norma got the shot… 

29 WOF12 RAISAABAL WELCOME NORMAL CROWD SURFING 2000…and she crowd-surfed for the first time

30 WOF12 IBARRA 9256 WELCOMEPARTYGROUP 2000Dropping! Even the snowboarders hopped off the chairlift in time for WOF this year

31 WOF12 IBARRA 9284 BRONXGIRLSPARTY 2000Bronx Girls Skate’s Kava displays the skater’s sacred mantra, backed up by her co-conspirator Mel, of course

32 WOF12 IBARRA 9297 2000Everyone’s step count and swag meter shot up thanks to the dance floor and CHPO stunner shades

33 WOF12 IBARRA 9341 MAITERYAN 2000Maité Steenhoudt, the number-one fan of hot new rapper Ryanislit got her time to shine

34 WOF12 IBARRA 9373 RYANISLIT 2000Heads were bopping, booties were shaking and voices were screaming: “Outta My Way”

35 WOF12 IBARRA 9394 MARISA ASHLEY LISA 2000Hold on, what? Wait. Is that who I think it is? It’s MARISA! Even she had to leave the woodwork for WOF12

36 NVAN WOF 12 DAY1 75 2000Free product? You know it


37 WOF12 IBARRA 9080 KRISTINANDALEX 2000Name a more iconic power couple. I’ll wait

37.1WOF12 IBARRA 9312 2000Nations Skate Youth x Skate Like a Girl solidarity for life

38 NVAN WOF 12 DAY1 160 2000Romina of Tuti Frutti ended her Friday with an epic win!

39 WOF12 IBARRA 0366 KRistinWitch 2000Day two and you know what that hat means; it’s Witch Hunting time! Let’s check the teams

39.1 NVAN WOF 12 DAY2 8 2000Rollin’ deep, the Bronx Girl Skate team was ready to take action

39.2 NVAN WOF 12 DAY2 20 2000The Goofy Goobers look equipped to goof, and probably goob as well

40 WOF12 RAISAABAL ELISA FABI CHECKINGLIST 2000Fabi and Elisa peeped the challenge sheet, strategizing for maximum gains for Team Air Signs

41 NVAN WOF 12 DAY2 44 2000Meanwhile, the fire team was already heating up. Elissa Steamer sparked us with this smooth noseslide

42 NVAN WOF 12 DAY2 47 2000WOF essential: a Sharpie for your favorite pro’s autograph

43 WOF12 IBARRA 0435 JimIndigenousBeading 2000Sharing is caring. Check out this gorgeous beaded medallion gifted to Jim Thiebaud

44 NVAN WOF12 mardelsanto railtap 2000Marisa Dal Santo in the flesh!

45 NVAN WOF12 marbie bluntslide 2000Marbie making bluntslides look so easy

47 WOF12 IBARRA 9668 2000Eunice took a dip to complete the Water Sign challenge, scoring some crucial points for Team We Dem Boyz

47.2 WOF12 RAISAABAL GEORGIAMARTIN BOARDSLIDE 2000Georgia Martin made some marks on her new pro deck thanks to the iconic Garfield High School—boardslide on exposed-aggregate

48 WOF12 IBARRA 9541 BrianaBT 2000Dutchy displays her singular back tail at the Seattle Center fountain under admiring eyes

49 WOF12 RAISAABAL FABI 2000Fabi goes full commit for the Ariana Spencer footplant challenge, Texas plant

50 WOF12 IBARRA 9883 BVitoriaBreezyChallenge 2000Breezy, is that you?! Drink chug mid manny challenge complete via Vitória

54 NVAN WOF 12 DAY2 89 2000After the wild goose chase of Witch Hunt, the festivities led everyone to 35th North for a few more video screenings and art exhibitions with works by Nora Vasconcellos, Marbie Miller, Norma Ibarra and Hannah Eddy

55 NVAN WOF 12 DAY2 73 2000Nora’s pieces mixing warm and cool tones, paint and markers, and added texture from sewn-in fabric were truly a treat for the eyes

56 NVAN WOF 12 DAY2 64 2000If you love skateboarding and bright colors, Hannah Eddy’s art is for you!

57 NVAN WOF 12 DAY2 65 2000Photographer Norma Ibarra shared a few powerful photos from her volunteer trip with SkatePal in Ramallah, Palestine

58 NVAN WOF 12 DAY2 90 200035th North cleared the shop to drop the new Skate Like a Girl collection, featuring original art from Hannah Eddy

59 WOF12 IBARRA 0158 2000Big up to these two gents, Deluxe’s Jim Thiebaud and 35th North’s Tony Croghan

60 WOF12 RAISAABAL ASHLEY NORA HANNAH JILL02 2000It was a big night for Hannah! Stoked to have the homies Ashley Rehfeld, Nora Vasconcellos and Jill Perkins there to celebrate

61 WOF12 IBARRA 0312 2000Time to head for the Sage Williams Memorial Queer, Women and/or Trans skate jam led by THERE Skateboards pro Jessyka Bailey

WOF12 IBARRA 0330 2000The hottest people in skateboarding right now

63 WOF12 IBARRA 0207 2000As a symbol of remembrance and celebration, sage plants were distributed to friends like Kat and Natalie, in honor of the late Seattle legend Sage Williams. Thanks to Sage’s mom Connie!

63 WOF12 RAISAABAL COURTS CASS BS5 0 2000It’s off to the races and Cass opens the session with a badass backside 5-0

64 WOF12 IBARRA 0355 2000Sienna ‘Squink’ Matcha got grabby off the kicker

65 WOF12 IBARRA 0325 2000Samiya lays down a steezy back Smith

66 WOF12 RAISAABAL COURTS YURINFUJII WALLIE 2000Every session, all weekend, Yurin Fujii went off. Wallie just before the torrential rain shut the session down

67 WOF12 IBARRA 0374 2000Prizes were tossed out as the wet weather wrapped up day two

68 WOF12 IBARRA 0653 2000Day three and we got the sun making a comeback. Chilling, sunscreen and hydration were just what the doctor ordered before the contest and parking-lot party at All Together Skatepark

WOF12 IBARRA REGISTRATION 0900 2000Skate Like a Girl staff, volunteers and board members made sure all the first timers and top talent alike made it into the heats for the contest

WOF12 IBARRA 1216 2000Navajo Nation gnarhunters Karylyle, Jeremy, Cecely and Chantel were squadded up at the parking-lot party, enjoying everything from the vendor booths to the basketball hoop 

69 WOF12 IBARRA 0880 2000Crowd-hype extraordinaire Kim Woozy showing off the limited-edition Spitfire WOF wheels! You had to be there

70 WOF12 IBARRA 0841 2000Your judges: Michelle Pezel, Jaime Reyes, Nora Vasconcellos, Marisa Dal Santo, Alex White and Leo Baker behind some beautiful Natalie Dupille art. Name a sexier sextet. I’ll wait

70.1 NVAN WOF 12 DAY3 33 2000SF Bay Area Chapter Director Ashley Masters and Bay Area avant-garde skateboarding icon Kat got the crowd HYPED

71 WOF12 RAISAABAL SUNDAY 49 2000Skate Like a Girl Portland Director Tori hucked this boardslide down the rail

72 WOF12 RAISAABAL SUNDAY 48 2000The crowd went absolutely wild after her competitive debut

73 WOF12 IBARRA 0772 2000Addie Brigham busted this sick blunt

74 WOF12 IBARRA 0784 2000Alex White reminded us that she is in her pole-jam era

75 WOF12 IBARRA 0794 2000Having to throw on a new one in a matter of minutes after snapping her board mid run, Kebs slides into a classic frontside boardslide

76 WOF12 IBARRA 0797 2000Fresh pro skater Georgia feebled the bump to bar with ease

77 WOF12 RAISAABAL SUNDAY 45 2000Shiloh ate! Noseslide on a round rail party of one

78 WOF12 IBARRA 0911 2000The crowd loved it!

79 NVAN WOF 12 DAY3 144 2000Guest judge Samarria showed off a total of $30 prior to the Yeti Cash for Tricks jam. Friendly reminder: this event is run by a non-profit

80 WOF12 RAISAABAL SUNDAY 07 2000Maité snagged a few of Samarria’s fives to replenish the beer budget

81 WOF12 RAISAABAL SUNDAY 19 2000Colorado’s Nora Baker came to the Northwest and floated a cooler one foot than anyone else

82 WOF12 RAISAABAL SUNDAY 21 2000Vitória Mendonça hits it with a chill front tail

83 NVAN WOF 12 DAY3 153 2000We interrupt this skate jam for a surprise announcement!! P is pro for Baby Skateboards

83.1NVAN WOF 12 DAY3 51 2000Starting off the podium announcements, the 12-and-under division rippers smiled ear to ear as they received their MapleXO medals made of recycled skateboards

86 NVAN WOF 12 DAY3 63 2000Northwest skaters swept the 13–19 division, with Skate Like a Girl new hire Kelsey Nitta in the top spot

87 NVAN WOF 12 DAY3 79 2000And the top-five shredders in the 20–29 division had a taste of glory as well

88 NVAN WOF 12 DAY3 106 2000The 30+ division included mothers, adaptive athletes, Olympians and folks who haven’t skated a contest since they were a child. Big love to Celina Meehan for making it out with her daughter Waylon

89 WOF12 IBARRA 1331 2000Hip, hip, hooray for the open skate winners Georgia Martin, Kristin Ebeling and Fabiana Delfino

84 WOF12 IBARRA 1200 2000Honey, we shrunk the skatepark! With the indoor contest complete, everyone corralled around a miniature version of ATS, for Wheels of Fingers fingerboarding event hosted by Marbie Miller

90 WOF12 RAISAABAL SUNDAY 03 2000And that’s a wrap of WOF 12! A cosmic thank you to Skate Like a Girl, all the stellar volunteers and staff, countless generous sponsors and every shining star who made this celestial event possible. Until the planets align again!
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