• Bow Wow Wow

    Bow Wow Wow
    "...we got Mohawks, too, for punk rock, plus the Indian thing was going too."
  • Turbonegro

    "We are just proving points about people’s stupidity, prejudice and homophobia."
  • The Dirtbombs

    The Dirtbombs
    "I think Mick probably told you that he used to skate, but I bet it's a lie."
  • Peelander-Z

    "We are influenced by all of pro-wrestling."
  • Interpol

    "Every song we write feels like the best thing we’ve ever done..."
  • The Datsuns

    The Datsuns
    "...wanting to see shows instead of taking drugs and watching DJ’s for hours and hours."
  • RKL

    "Between that and the drugs...I mean cut through the crap, it was the drugs"