• Van Wastell Tribute 9.5.2019

    Van Wastell Tribute 9.5.2019
    Yesterday was the 11-anniversary of Van Wastell’s passing. His brother put together a tribute video to celebrate his legacy. RIP in peace, Van. You’re forever with us and we’ll always stand with your family.
  • Happy Birthday Van Wastell

    Happy Birthday Van Wastell
    Happy Birthday to a LEGEND that left us way too soon. We love you, Van.
  • Remembering Van Wastell

    Remembering Van Wastell
    Van was magical on a skateboard. He had a style and uniqueness that was all his own. Its been ten years since he passed away, but when I watch this part I feel closer to him. I’ll always cherish the times I had with him, but for those who didn’t get to see him skate in person, his video parts, like this one, are just like him: they’re one of a kind. —Eddie Villa (Van Wastell’s Brother)
  • My Friend, Van Wastell Part 1

    My Friend, Van Wastell Part 1
    Van Wastell was a unique individual, skateboarder and friend. Long coming is this tribute to a friend that will be missed dearly. This is dedicated to the loving memory of Van Wastell RIP. We love you buddy!
  • Classics: Van Wastell "Gnar Gnar"

    Classics: Van Wastell "Gnar Gnar"
    The raw footage and loose edit of this 2007 Krooked vid shows how rad and talented Van really was. Mike Anderson introduces a classic.
  • Van Wastell Memorial Jam 3

    Van Wastell Memorial Jam 3
    Independent has a blog post from last weekend's memorial session for Van Wastell.
  • Burnout: Van Wastell

    Burnout: Van Wastell
    Burnout gives respect to Van Wastell with portraits and skate photos. You are greatly missed Van.
  • Slappy Trucks' "Never Heard of 'Em" Video

    Slappy Trucks' "Never Heard of 'Em" Video
    Arisa Trew, James Alby, Ryan Hamburg and a pack of fresh faces pop off in Slappy trucks' newest offering. Never heard of 'em? Now you have.
  • Ben Lawrie's "No Place Like Home" Hoddle Part

    Ben Lawrie's "No Place Like Home" Hoddle Part
    On the verge of a new Internet Birthday, Hoddle brings Ben Lawrie home with a spot on the team and a powerful edit from Geoff Campbell. 
  • Vans' "Always Pushing" Video

    Vans' "Always Pushing" Video
    Curren, Breezy, Elijah and more get the Hollywood shots in this quick edit from Vans. 
  • Kieran Woolley Pro for Opera Skateboards

    Kieran Woolley Pro for Opera Skateboards
    Opera puts Kieran Woolley up on center stage with his new pro plank. That smile says it all.
  • Jhancarlos Gonzalez' "Clocked In" Part

    Jhancarlos Gonzalez' "Clocked In" Part
    From steep slopes in his native Colombia to the most sizable spots in California, Jhanka detonates an explosive part you won’t soon forget. Skate and Destroy is forever.
  • In The Mag
    April 2024 Filipe Mota Thrasher Cover_Burnett_350
    Alexis Sablone is an architect, coach, artist and icon, with pro shoes on two different companies at the same time. Congrats on the front, Alexis! Speaking of powerful women in skating—Elissa dishes on people she’s known and we’ve got coverage of the 12th annual Wheels of Fortune brought to you by Skate like a Girl. We also have the Nike team posted up in Puerto Rico, a 12-pager on skaters and their dogs (woof), a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Blokes 2, Daan Van Der Linden gets the interview treatment and more! Pick one up today.