"Altitude Sickness: Monsters in the Mountains" Article

altitude sickness title testerAs soon as we saw this new moonscape in Frisco, CO, we knew Winky was gonna put a hurtin’ on it—and he didn’t disappoint. Coping-kicking backside boneless, crater to crater. Erick is outta this world

altitude sickness photo 7 updateTeenagers need a lot of sleep and Trey Wood sacrificed a shower and breakfast most mornings to get an extra hour of shut eye. Seemed to work. Kickflip melon, Rocky Mountain high

altitude sickness photo 20He skips walls too

altitude sickness photo 8Two boards a year, Winky wastes not

altitude sickness hatchell sequence update 3 It was like Hatchell was in a contest run at the Arvada park except the buzzer was Hambone yelling, “Time to roll out!” He threw out this nosepick nollie flip and was the first one to the van. Ben for the win

altitude sickness title photo 2Lukas Miller dove straight into the Duck Pond. 5-0 grind in, Denver Dangler approved

altitude sickness fsblunt sequenceBen takes a front blunt to the death seat and lives to tell about it

altitude sickness photo 23Jesse Lindloff skips the seat all together—game-faced frontside invert over the chasm

altitude sickness photo 9 update  This wall at the end of the Arvada snake run is sky high. Didn’t stop Lizzie from finger flipping this lien to tail. Who you calling Bro, bro?

altitude sickness photo 4Nailed it

altitude sickness photo 31 Schaar takes a foot off to get Lizzie's back. No-comply tailslide 

altitude sickness photo 10
altitude sickness photo 28Next session, Sam Beckett set it off with a backside classic, the kickflip Indy

altitude sickness photo 11
altitude sickness photo 26You can almost hear the tail smack in this photo. Rune, Madonna

altitude sickness photo 24Lizzie throws a stalefish in with her eggplant, which is gross for the dinner bowl but great for the park dish

altitude sickness photo 3Looks like he’s on the mend. Beckett, Indy fastplant to fakie for the makie

altitude sickness photo 5 updateHe’s got a killer skunk stripe but he sure doesn’t stink. Rune, switch back Smith in the deep. How does he keep getting better?

altitude sickness beanwater sequence update 2We wish you could see the Indy air Jesse landed before this varial sadplant. Oh wait, you can—it's next

altitude sickness photo 15 update
Wish granted, Beanwater is badass

altitude sickness photo 6We renamed Breckenridge “Brecken-rage” ’cause it’s a rowdy-ass ski-resort town. Erick stretches it out at the best little skatepark in Texas. I mean, Colorado

altitude sickness photo 25Classic moves on modern art—Lukas, ollie grab to fakie

altitude sickness photo 12Which side will cave first? 

altitude sickness erick lucas sequence resize Lukas and Erick were running wide-ass 58mm wheels and had no problem charging this BMX track. Not all double 360s are 720s 

altitude sickness photo 13Schaar had some skinny 54s and kept eating shit as soon as he’d roll off the ramp. He put this kickflip down just before the sun gave up and rode it all the way to the sage bushes. Turns out dirt do hurt

altitude sickness photo 1 The safest part of the trip

altitude sickness photo 21Former Tulsa, OK, skateshop owner and current Denver, CO, resident Brian McNair was our local guide. On top of lining up the best parks and backyard sessions, he also laid down some heavy Smith grinds, including this one at Jesse’s bowl outside of South Park

altitude sickness photo 16 Every Southwest excursion requires one human sacrifice. Sorry, Erick

altitude sickness photo 27
Leading the charg while avoiding the chunked-out coping, Rune sends a frontside air to the sun

altitude sickness photo 17He heard there was gold in the hills and went digging in Leadville. Don’t worry about the BMXers, Lukas is here to destroy your park

altitude sickness photo 22Everyone got a little footloose on this trip, Erick was no exception. One-footed Andrecht on a breaking block

altitude sickness erick fingerflip sequenceErick's full of surprises, like this finger-flip fake out to tail

altitude sickness photo 18It was pitch dark when we got to the hot springs and we didn’t realize how many people were already in the water ’til Hambone shot this photo. Sardine party hardy 

altitude sickness photo 29Caught between the fisheyes, Joe and Chris put Beckett's deep-end front feeble in their crosshairs

altitude sickness photo 30Tom, tailgrab nosegrind from high to slightly-less-high

altitude sickness photo 19Tom went fly fishing in CO and reeled in this stalefish. Jesus, how many times can we make that joke? Keep buying the mag and find out…

Thanks to all the locals and Monster for the support.
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