Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness Graphic 111115 04
Mammoth Mountain is a striking locale, complete with expansive meadows, old forests, and jagged rock spires. Fitting that it has a skatepark of equal magnitude. Hatchell, PLG, Beckett, Tershy, Schaar, and Wood are just descending from a heavy trip in the thin mountain air. –Jordan Brown


Photos by Bryce Kanights

group photo minarets mammoth lakesHeavy Line up!

ben hatchell frontside blunt mammoth skatepark 02Ben Hatchell, front blunt in the pines

pierre luc gagnon ollie noseslide fakie mammoth skateparkPLG, rollercoaster noseslide to fakie

sam beckett frontside hurricane mammoth skatepark 01Sam Beckett, high elevation hurricane

tom schaar and trey wood lifestyle mammoth skatepark 03The young bucks

tom schaar backside grasser mammoth skatepark 02Tom Schaar, Method for the Mountain tweakers

trey wood backflip still frame mammoth skatepark 02Trey Wood, light-headed backflip

pierre luc lifestyle checking footage mammoth skateparkCheck the video

corbin harris blunt fakie mammoth skateparkCorbin Harris, blunted

raven tershy indy air mammoth skatepark 04Raven, Indy air up there

Ben MammothHatchell, Cab back disaster the Mammoth Monster

sam beckett backside smithgrind mammoth skatepark 03Beckett, extended backside Smith

blown out trousers mammoth skatepark 04Shredded

cody chapman fs tailsgrab nosegrind mammoth skateparkCody Chapman, transition point noesgrind tailgrab

Tom MammothTom Schaar, varial flip Indy

trey wood stalefish tailslide mammoth skatepark 02Wood, floating stalefish tailslide

raven tershy frontside grind oververt pocket mammoth skatepark 03 copyRaven, last minute oververt frontside grind

raven tershy fully looped at sunset mammoth skatepark 01Raven, high altitude casual carve

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    Raven at Diamond
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