Nike Shoe Release Party for Koston and BA

Nike Shoe Release Party

Friends, well-wishers, Bad Shit, and Andre Nickatina all came out to celebrate with two of skating's favorites.

Photos: Schmitty

Nike threw a shoe release party for Koston and BA

Complete with Froston coozies

Possible new career for Steamer

Trixie con Lacy

Phelps, Smyth, and Anderson

Two mexicans

Hunter, Clark, and Jason Hernandez

Yes there was beer chug races

Everyone was really into the Celtics/Lakers game

"Hey Eric, how did your Lakers do?"

Then Bad Shit happened

Bad Shit's biggest fan, Ben Schroeder

Cory Kennedy and Childress continuing the Skate Rock vibe

The ladies love Stefan

Then the special guest, Andre Nickatina

"When I say Andre, you say Nicky!"

Brian and Eric pose with Nickatina boards

We ended the night at a pool party at the Hollywood Roosevelt—must be nice...
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