Belco Jam 2024 Photos

93BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 2243Josh Matwijiw, gap to egg attempt. This one is yet to be done. So is front blunt, where you at, Mashy?

Let’s face it—you came here for the big airs and bogans, which inherently is at the heart of the Belco Bowl Jam, due to its location in Canberra, Australia. And you will get that throughout this bunch of photos. But we’re here to acknowledge all the ripping that takes place, with a mention of the laid-back format and anyone-is-welcome attitude being the things that help make the Belco Jam what it is.

Oh, and the other drawcard for making the trek—the theatrics! You’re going to get a solid dose of all types of Australianism, like getting slapped in the face with a plugga (flip flop) by a dude in nylon booty shorts that hasn’t drank water in three days and whose entire vocabulary is made up of “mate,” “cheers,” and “c*nt” (pronounced- ‘KAARRRNT’). And we love it.

It’s a prescription for fun memories. Or maybe no memory. The guy at the adjacent bottlo (liquor store) told me during the Belco Jam they sell more booze in one day than they usually do in a month. Talk about stimulating the local economy.

Thank you to the guys and girls who work hard to bring us this event each year, namely Potty and Jim Fowlie. And, of course, Vans and all the sponsors that put up the money so this can happen and the skaters can have a crack at getting some of that purse—a pretty decent purse for an event of this nature. Let’s get into it. —Wade Mclaughlin

Photos by Wade Mclaughlin, Bryce Golder and Michael Burnett

1Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 8It seems like this is becoming a tradition, so I’m including it in the article: Friday morning Kambah U-pipe session. Taniah Meyers will skate anything. Backside boneless

2Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 7Liam Pace, backside ollie the channel with only a board’s width against the wall. Watch GT in Scabs for Slabs for reference

4Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 6 3Ryan Helm was piecing together wall-to-wall lines before taking a bad slam and breaking his wrist. First one straight to the ER

5Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 9Just when you thought the session was over, Marley Rae ruthlessly did a line into this burn twist on the following run. Now the session is over

7BelcoBowlJam 2024 Friday GOLDER 1500pxWide 7755Over to spot one, Glebe Park. Slam dispenser

10BelcoBowlJam 2024 Friday GOLDER 1500pxWide 7879Instagram vs reality

11belco 2024 BURNETT DSC 5786Then Rome Collyer shut it down in typical fashion. Front feeble

12BelcoBowlJam 2024 Friday GOLDER 1500pxWide 8005Moving on…

13BelcoBowlJam 2024 Friday GOLDER 1500pxWide 8140Spot two, Bailey’s 6. Theo Clarke getting things going with a backside noseblunt

14Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 19GABBERS! Kickflip crooks

16Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 18Getting laughed at for straddling a tree. How much can a Koala Bear?

20Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 34Rio Morishige came through and shut the shit down. KFBSNB

23BelcoBowlJam 2024 Friday GOLDER 1500pxWide 1703Next up, a short stroll to the goon bag out ledge. Brad Saunders brings the ol’ faithful

24BelcoBowlJam 2024 Friday GOLDER 1500pxWide 1772Straight off the back of a holiday in Europe, Corey Nixon needed money. Front blunt

27Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 43George Bidgood, Noah Bardas, Jedd Mckenzie and Poppy Starr all being cute

28Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 44WE’RE NOT WORTHY!

29Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 47Conz, that’s not the bar

30Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 47CHURCH / Vans Showdown catwalk is next up

31BelcoBowlJam 2024 Friday GOLDER 1500pxWide 9064UUUUGHHH

33BelcoBowlJam 2024 Friday GOLDER 1500pxWide 8937The Rome show, crooked grind flips all day

34BelcoBowlJam 2024 Friday GOLDER 1500pxWide 9214Enter: “Tradie Guy,” an obvious shoe-in for best trick

35BelcoBowlJam 2024 Friday GOLDER 1500pxWide 8937You get that on the big jobs, as they say

37Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 72This is why Belco is the sickest. Tradie Guy wins best trick. Sorry, Rome!

38Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 1 77*An

41Belco Bowl Jam 24 P and S 5Posseshot in the house. GET THE FUCKIN’ MONEY UP!

43Belco Bowl Jam 24 P and S 9Tools down and time for the afters. Jezza, Kharni, Jared, Kieran, Corbin and Ryan, partial to a beer

44Belco Bowl Jam 24 P and S 9Wheelbite!

45Belco Bowl Jam 24 P and S 29You might recognize the DJ from TV shows such shows as the X Games

47BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 1885High noon the following day, we’re kicking things off with this installation at the library. First up, Luke Benson with what looks like a pressure flip

48Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 9Spot one-and-a-half, because no one expected this to happen. Well, except for one person  

50Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 7Nixen Osborne is that one person

52Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 8Handled business quick

55Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 18Jimmah was chasing back-ups and tried gapping to the second down part of the rail. He clipped and got bucked. Don’t worry, he was okay and he will fight again

56Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 23Spot two, kicker gap to hubba. Santiago Rossi fires it up with a K grind

57BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 9788This thing looked hard to skate. Gabe Wilk takes best trick with a back Smith

58Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 18Tradie Guy returns but without PPE and demonstrates what can happen when you don’t follow the workplace health-and-safety guidelines in Australia

60BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 1938Shifting our attention to the double—with new and improved runup! Lenard Tejada handles a tré flip in just a few

61Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 46Questionable lift followed by an unidentified flying parkour kid

63Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 45Theo Clarke kept getting robbed on this gap to back 5-0

64Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 45Got it done, though. MONEY UP!

65belco 2024 BURNETT DSC 6018Nixen can’t stop, wont stop. Gap lip

66Rome Collyer gaot to 5 0 BURNETT DSC 6074Rome gets the gap to 5-0 from the front 

70belco 2024 BURNETT DSC 6108He loves it!

71Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 53Another NBD to the list, Gab to K grind, you beauty!

74Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 53Next up, the house of horrors rail turned out to be really hard. Ethan Copeland came in HOT, then took down the last archway with his body. No one made the thing before the next event was scheduled. Charlie Holland got it straight after for the ‘Gram. Alright, onto the main event!

75BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 0033With the stands filling, consent is given by the traditional owners of the land for this event to take place—known as a “Welcome to Country” ceremony

76BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 2093Starting off the official Bowl Jam, the girls scorched it this year. Arisa Trew, hauling on a feeble fakie

77BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 0096Keira E has a sick bag of tricks. Bluntslide

79Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 78 2It might look a little crazy, but this kickflip indy was a make

80Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 78Poppy, blasting a judo

81BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 2185Now we’re lookin’ for the longest grind time. The defending champion sets the bar, before he hit his head and sat out the rest of the event. Heal up!

82BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 2195Zion wasn’t aware of the one-truck rule. High-speed lipslide’s a treat to watch nonetheless

85Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 82Time to kick out the jams. Jedd Mckenzie with high-flying lines

86Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 83Wildman ‘Dro, proper frontside invert

87Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 84Trey Wood, lofty lien

88belco 2024 BURNETT DSC 6213Channel action was heated. Brendon Cross brings a beaut’ Sal flip

89belco 2024 BURNETT DSC 6219Liam Pace spins an Indy five. Respectable

89BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 2220Flip stale on lock

90belco 2024 BURNETT DSC 6253Heelflip Indy, piece of piss

91Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 86Still won’t stop

92belco 2024 BURNETT DSC 6280Tom Schaar’s in the house, and he brought Shecks to fakie

94Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 55Haven’t blinked since I got here on Thursday

96belco 2024 BURNETT DSC 6227Safe to say this has never been done. Tom, flip back lip

97BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 2289I’m sure they’re saying, “FARKEN OATH, KARNT”

100Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 94GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, ZION

101Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 107 2A swarm of 5s from the young bloods in the duets challenge. Huddy with the melon species

102BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 2271Dubbed “The Young Goat,” Harvey Campbell went with a twisted-up Indy 5 to back up Pedro’s frontside invert over the channel

103Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 104The good homies

104Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 108Josh takes a different approach. The eggy worked this time

105 1DSC 4777And we’re onto the high-air portion of the jam. The official height adjudicator doing an immaculate job

106 3DSC 4810 EditCJ Hawker with a massive chicken wing

107BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 2394Conz got his shit together and Josh started flying

108 BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 0143Best and worst seats in the house

109BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 0159Lachie Abbot rocked up just in time for big air, no warmup—or sleep, I hear

111DSC 4830 EditThey were neck and neck, going again and again until it was settled

112BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 0175That must have felt nice. W for Joshy

113Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 116You knew there was gonna be a wild-card undies kid

114Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 125Steelo and Chima in the crowd

116BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 2484Now for some extension action, George Richards with the backside nosegrind

117BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 2475Jake Harvey with the rare frontside rock 'n' roll slide

119BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 2523Ethan kicks off the final jam and the young goat flings a V-bomb Indy

120BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 2561Moo lives to blast frontside

121Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 134Ethan didn’t skate the techest but he skated the sickest. HIGH-SPEED SMITH

122Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 139Tom casually gapping to back tail mid-run

123Tom AlleyOopMcTwistSeqShow-stopper and the nail in the coffin. Alley-oop 540 over the channel

125Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 145Yes, King!

127BelcoBowlJam 2024 Saturday GOLDER 1500pxWide 0453We give you the actual Queen and King of the Bowl

128Belco Bowl Jam 24 Day 2 171The royal ceremonies wouldn’t be complete without the court jesters and some post-match entertainment

129Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 48Over to the Basement. How good is this stubby cooler?! And how did Rome get in here?

131Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 94Toemance

132Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 38Time for the the real reason people come to Belco, the legitimate title in the the leg-wrestling championship

133Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 38We had a few new contenders this year vying for a shot at the champ, and a women’s division! I thought this may have been a world first until I Googled it. These legends are trailblazers nonetheless

134Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 53Jadey the Tradie exhibited flawless technique and unprecedented power to take out Taniah in the final

135Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 53Pioneer. The first-ever Women's Belco Leg Wresling Champion Jade Stewart. Remember the name. She'll be back next year to defend her title

136Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 60Time for the main event. The number-one contender had been determined to have the opportunity, the honor, the absolute fighting chance to take out the undisputed champion

138Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 62You may not like it, but this is what the peak-male-athletic form looks like

139Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 71But wait, what’s this?!

140Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 73Upset of the millennia! Gimmie that belt, sucka! Not enough spinach, aye Conzy?

142Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 80A legend is born. And the new Belco Leg Wrestling League Champion of the World of Belco is…Brenden "Big Woody" Wood!! It’s their night

147Belco Bowl Jam 24 P S 100All’s well that ends well. See you next year
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