Burnout: Beantown

Last stop for the Vans demo demolishers and Chima, Matt B, Dan Lu and the boys go out with a bang!

20160723 0001Drive by at Orchard, a mainstay of the Boston skate scene

20160723 0002Of course Shredmaster will play you in SKATE

20160723 0003'Where's Elijah Berle?' all the babes want to know

20160723 0004Solid crew. Thanks y'all

20160723 0005Curbside laughs

20160723 0006A SOTYs work is never done

20160723 0007Move with the music, it helps me

20160723 0008Ah shit, looks like the lookbook started early …

20160723 0009Just counting the minutes until his reign is finally fuckin' over

20160723 0010Lil' liquid stretch, so be it

20160723 0011We better get to that demo

20160723 0012The incredible Lynch Family park

20160723 0013Skytime a' plenty no matter what your implement

20160723 0014Our guy J Lay, always blasting

20160723 0015Matt B? Oh he blasts, too, just in a more funky rail-centric way

20160723 0016DFL, GD right!

20160723 0017J Henry, up the whoop to nosegrind

20160723 0018Kicky 50 first T from our favorite natty dread

20160723 0019Shredmaster works it with tail assist

20160723 0020On the more conventional side, Glick flicks BS

20160723 0021Free shirts for everybody?! Again, GD right

20160723 0022Chima with a fasty off the hospital banks replica

20160723 0023Then the heavy block/rail sesh kicked off. J Lay's showstopper came early today. Must be nice

20160723 0024Fanning out a biggie

20160723 0025Local ripper bigspins out of a noser

20160723 0026Glick back 3

20160723 0027Front blunt, also done to shove (not shown)

20160723 0028Tyson got hella twisted on this 270 lip fakie

20160723 0029Switch flip or fakie flip – Chima's got both

20160723 0030Then The Matt B Show began, offering a master's course in obscure rail delights. Yeah B!

20160723 0031'Cane

20160723 0032Of course he's got the varial flip! Look at him!

20160723 0033Switch feeble, wow!

20160723 0034This guy had one of the best impossibles I've ever seen. So sick

20160723 0035Pounding out that backside flip like a young Lavar

20160723 0036Bean hurricane?!!

20160723 0037And yet another finishing move from Johnny

20160723 0038Dan Lu hits the perimeter, smith style

20160723 0039Cool it down, J Lay

20160723 0040Good time to check out the photo rigs on the scene: yep, solid

20160723 0041Canon, nice, nice

20160723 0042She got that clutch!

20160723 0043One of those wide zooms. Tight, tight ..

20160723 0044Not tryna compromise audio just 'cause it's a GoPro

20160723 0045Tyson got that shit built in!

20160723 0046Sony vs Leica, discuss among yourselves

20160723 0047Get that LOW angle

20160723 0048Oh, hey Lovell

20160723 0049Meanwhile, these guys keepin' it Cell Out. Not bad

20160723 0050Hello children

20160723 0051Chima, water breaking with his peeps

20160723 0052Uhm, thanks for coming out

20160723 0053He's allowed to wear it except at school and when Grandma comes over

20160723 0054Dogs!

20160723 0055Major round wall in the back of this place. The no-footed everybody somehow returns from Jeff Jones' crypt

20160723 0056Ha!

20160723 0057Not finna dig on no swine, but get yours

20160723 0058Nice to meet you!

20160723 0059Best trick flares up again

20160723 0060Time to check out some creepy skate tats. Solid

20160723 0061Ooh, too sexy!

20160723 0062For Dan Lu, making friends is easy

20160723 0063Ran into the infamous Fancy Lads! Teenage suicide, don't do it

20160723 0064Leave it to Chima to find the real street obstacle at the skatepark

20160723 0065Nice!

20160723 0066Yep, consider it nailed

20160723 0067Ok, one more. Good times in Boston

20160723 0068Parting is such sweet sorrow

20160723 0069But the streets, they're a' callin'