Burnout: Marginal

Last summer in the great Pac-Nor'west, Off the Wallers afield.

Far-flung rural 'crete.

Shit .... locals!

Some day all the swag money will be mine.

Shadow knows.

Lein up the schoomer. Cut off his head. No do-overs.

Later, Marginal Way.

The intensity of the place got everyone keyed up.

Another masterpiece.

Red was cruisin' for a bruisin'.

Internal line mathematics. Tic. Tic. Tic.


As seen on the bedroom floor of hot babes worldwide.


It took a couple visits just to get started.

No Codys were harmed in the making of this channel blast.

Solid ice plant with authority. No dead 'thane.


Gave it the ol' waffle try they did. Thanks M Wayers.

And then ... this could be in Scandinavia.

Really, they have shit like that there.

That reminds me ... I gotta get up on an arm.