Burnout: Mile High Flared

Final demo on the Stay Flared mega-tour. Denver never disappoints.
MC already spinnin'. Can't stop the streets.

Big Jon stricken with heartburn. Mikey, never felt better.

Sebo, micro-hubbs-wise. He's always down to hit some spots between demos.

Boneless T from the Spankster

Then Riley sliced this feeble and it was time to get to the big show.

They came any way they could.

Solid turn out!

Scorchin' summer, already.

Bring your poodle, if you got one.

HK fires the first shot.

Media, ready.

The Mini-Mega got some major play.

Front row!

The Boss, feeling it out.

Hip to barrier, Provost!

Mikey flexes those roots.

Goddamn right he's still got it!

Herman's nollie inward heel was a steady crowd fave.

Quick sample of the crowd. Lots of babes at these demos. Thanks for coming, babes!

Cool-looking young people, everywhere.

A whole family of badasses!

Two out of three gangsters back it!

These Einstein's even brought their own shade! Thanks for coming out!

This guy!

'I'll watch my brother ... but I ain't missin' Stay Flared.'

Safety first on this tour. Did anyone else bring their pads?

The crowd was swarming with the next generation of Jon Miners and Federicos. See y'all on those youtubes.

Back in the bowl, Drew unloads what was the fifth or sixth kickflip melon variation of the day.

Strong showing, as always.

And then the kids held their breath for  what would be the demo closer – Manchild's backside flip over the mega-jump.

He nailed it.

Haha! Totally worth it.

The bros press in.

There was no official autograph time on this thing, but what? Do you think Jerry's made of stone?

DFL for the 414!

Nice to see ya!

Everyone was hyped.

Lotta reading to do with that issue ...

Good time to meet the peeps.

And in the dogs-who-look-like-their-owner's department  ... Murf and Jeff.

Still reppin'.  I take comfort in that.

Mar made it!

SPF? Fuck that!

Sebo's fans are as serious as he is.

For life!

Andy and Kev and the Launch sticker wheel. Shit, worked for Willy.

Panamanian twins, at large in Colorado.

Emag and Frankovis, OG-wise.

Frickin' cute couple award! Jesus!

Nice shirt, everyone who bought one.

This lucky duck snagged Leo's tour guitar. Strum it well, brother.

Found Vince kickin it with the locals.

He's good like that.

Fuck yeah he'll sign your mace.

This crew was having the most fun.

Wait'll the sun goes down!

Jet Ski gathers up the autographs for those collector boards. Consider yourself blessed if you managed to snag one.

Wait. Is this it?

I feel like we just started!

Vans getting packed up ... talk of weed gummie bears being consumed. Guess this is the end of the line.

A sense of melancholy.

Last chance for mementos.

'So it's like a backside nollie flip and then another flip?'

Nothin' left but a final footage dump.

Seventeen more minutes and then it's REALLY over. Thanks Emerica. Thank you Lakai. Thanks to everyone who came out. See you next summer!