Burnout: Pinch vs Wedge

The SOTY Down Unda crew fires it up, only to get stymied by a human skatestopper. Ishod skids big and Kwalks snags the cover.

BURNOUT 0001Quick check in at our luxury digs

BURNOUT 0002Yes, it was lit, how nice of you to notice

BURNOUT 0003Haha

BURNOUT 0004Bros from different mo's – Zion and The Phelper

BURNOUT 0005The official gear of SOTY Down Unda

BURNOUT 0006Lovell out front. Part animal, part machine

BURNOUT 0007Wanna talk injuries? Hard to out get-hurt the Phelper

BURNOUT 0008Dog?

BURNOUT 0009Easing into it over at Shakey's, as is the custom.

BURNOUT 0010Choi!

BURNOUT 0011Louie looks good with that pint in his hand, right?

BURNOUT 0012Cheetah-print kinda day

BURNOUT 0013Skankie, drama at the bar

BURNOUT 0014'It's like a pot pie, but better …'

BURNOUT 0015Oh yeah, there she is!

BURNOUT 0016They let you take your beer out front in Australia

BURNOUT 0017Yep, I'ma shoot everything

BURNOUT 0018Jake and Nak

BURNOUT 0019Chima!

BURNOUT 0020Here we go…

BURNOUT 0021Cody Green – happier'n a pig in shit,

BURNOUT 0022Zion's ready to skate

BURNOUT 0023Whaaa?

BURNOUT 0024Too many friends. Time to move on before we get stuck

BURNOUT 0025Matt B, rookie Vans T.M., taking the wheel on the wrong side. Scary shit

BURNOUT 0026The kids were ready for us


Ahhh, the 'Loo

BURNOUT 0028Slide off that jet lag.

BURNOUT 0029A lil' flip out don't hurt either. Jeezus.

BURNOUT 0030Salk-less!

BURNOUT 0031Study hard kids

BURNOUT 0032JD with those bangin' ass flips he's famous for

BURNOUT 0033Next one

BURNOUT 0034Jacko rolls through with a tight inside Sal

BURNOUT 0035Gettin' Choccy!

BURNOUT 0036Thar she blows

BURNOUT 0037Boom!

BURNOUT 0039Kyle always has time for the kids, 'cause he was one of 'em just a couple years ago

BURNOUT 0040Save that shit!

BURNOUT 0041Speaking of goodwill ambassadors…

BURNOUT 0042Looks like Jacko wants a photo too.

BURNOUT 0043Zion mashes it out on the mini.

BURNOUT 0044All terrain, this guy. More on that later

BURNOUT 0045And then Donnelly punches out the closer. As usual

BURNOUT 0046Around the bend: this thing

BURNOUT 0047Locals mostly

BURNOUT 0048Suicide Towers. Not exactly a lil' guy

BURNOUT 0049Heavy duty

BURNOUT 0050Ishod breaks the ice, back board style

BURNOUT 0051The locals started talking shit almost immediately.

BURNOUT 0052Wow!

BURNOUT 0053Zion dives for the pinch.

BURNOUT 0054Solid skidding unrivaled

BURNOUT 0055Just fearless

BURNOUT 0056One micron off

BURNOUT 0057And then the next thing you know…

BURNOUT 0058Well, that's one way to skatestop it

BURNOUT 0059No amount of chit chat would get him uncrammed

BURNOUT 0060Somehow the Phelper eventually talked him off the pole

BURNOUT 0061Just in time

BURNOUT 0062There it is!

BURNOUT 0063Total pandemonium

BURNOUT 0064Even the dude wanted in on it

BURNOUT 0065Won over by stoke!

BURNOUT 0066Ecstatic

BURNOUT 0067Yeah?

BURNOUT 0068Oh yeah!

BURNOUT 0069Minutes later, down the road

BURNOUT 0070This other thing

BURNOUT 0071The SOTY gets straight to it
BURNOUT 0072Flying past the sidewalk.

BURNOUT 0073Hanging it out! At this moment the locals started screaming threats

BURNOUT 0074Throughout it all, Kyle kept charging

BURNOUT 0075Eventually they came out and sprayed Cody down with a hose (not shown)

BURNOUT 0076But the damage was done. 'That's why YOU'RE the SOTY, kid…'

BURNOUT 0077Cover in the first 45 minutes of the trip? NBD, right? Next spot