King of the Road Season 3: Team Profiles

Who’s down to jump in the fire? Real, Foundation and Element ain’t scared. Check out the line ups and make your predictions. Nyjah vs Zion vs Cole Wilson?! This is the heaviest King of the Road yet! Season 3 starts July 10th at 10pm on Viceland.

Real Team Header 750px

Real Zion 300px
Zion WrightFollow on instagram @zionwright_

aka: Z
Age: 18
Hometown: Palm Beach, FL
Sponsors: REAL, Thunder, Spitfire, Nike SB, Red Bull, Shake Junt, SPoT, Kreamy Wax, Bones Swiss
Status: Am (at start of KOTR)
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: 540s, dancing
Weaknesses: To flat
Verdict: Human cannonball
Real Walker 300px
Kyle WalkerFollow on instagram @kwalks

aka: K-Walks
Age: 23
Hometown: Moore, OK
Sponsors: REAL, Thunder, Spitfire, Vans, Shake Junt, Active, Monster, Cortina, New Era
Status: Pro
KOTR Experience: REAL 2013
Strengths: Kinks, SOTY 2016
Weaknesses: Henny
Verdict: For the homies!
Real Olson 300px
Jack OlsonFollow on instagram @jackolson1

aka: The Rusty Nail
Age: 23
Hometown: St Louis Park, MN
Sponsors: REAL, Thunder, Spitfire, Pyramid Country, Rockstar Energy, 3rd Lair, Bronson
Status: Am
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: Switch frontside everything, tech rails
Weaknesses: The sun
Verdict: SPF100
Real Chima 300px
Chima FergusonFollow on instagram @chimaferguson

aka: Cheemer
Age: 28
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Sponsors: REAL, Thunder, Spitfire, Vans, Sunday Hardware
Status: Pro
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: Thick feet
Weaknesses: VBs
Verdict: Highest, longest, most
Real Brockel 300px
Robbie BrockelFollow on instagram @brockel

aka: Chip
Age: 27
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Sponsors: REAL, Thunder, Spitfire, Pyramid Country, Cowtown, Bonham
Status: Pro
KOTR Experience: Circa 2010
Strengths: Impervious to heat, suicide grinds
Weaknesses: Can’t resist a cold one with the boys
Verdict: Most-ten dude
Real Brock 300px
Justin BrockTeam Manager
Follow on instagram @brockoley

aka: J-Brock
Age: 29
Hometown: Mount Airy, NC
Status: Hurt pro turned temporary TM
KOTR Experience: Nike SB 2010 (Won), REAL 2013
Strengths: Dad strength, KOTR veteran
Weaknesses: Loose glasses
Verdict: My TM can skate better than yours
Real TimFulton 300px
Tim FultonVideographer
Follow on instagram @fulton7

aka: Tim
Age: 27
Hometown: White Bear Lake, MN
Status: Masterlenseman
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: Camera ready, always prepared
Weaknesses: McNamara’s drone
Verdict: From Minnesota to filming Gonz: The Tim Fulton story
Real Stolling 300px
Dan StollingVideographer
Follow on instagram @danstolling

aka: Thrasher Dan
Age: 26
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Status: Masterlenseman
KOTR Experience: Flip 2014, enjoi 2016 (Won)
Strengths: KOTR win under the belt
Weaknesses: Still seems like his first time
Verdict: Mustache rides
Real Brook 300px
Joe BrookPhotographer
Follow on instagram @photojoebrook

aka: Fatback
Age: 40+
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Status: Masterlenseman
KOTR Experience: Lakai 2011 (won), Alien Workshop 2012 (won), enjoi 2013, enjoi 2016 (won)
Strengths: Storytelling, driving or sitting shotgun
Weaknesses: Big Blue’s odometer
Verdict: FaceTiming with his kids

Element Team Header 750px
Element Nyjah 300px
Nyjah HustonFollow on instagram @nyjah

aka: Nigel
Age: 22
Hometown: Davis, CA
Sponsors: Nike SB, Element, Monster, Hawkers, Black Plague
Status: Pro
KOTR Experience: Element 2014
Strengths: Rails, two million followers
Weaknesses: Neck tats, noise ordinances
Verdict: Nyjah's Gnar Gnar
Element EvanSmith 300px
Evan SmithFollow on instagram @starheadbody

aka: Tev
Age: 26
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Sponsors: DC, Element, Spitfire, Independent, Bones Swiss, Gnarhunters
Status: Pro
KOTR Experience: Element 2014
Strengths: Face melting, space exploration, making the impossible possible
Weaknesses: Psychedelics
Verdict: MVP
Element Madars 300px
Madars ApseFollow on instagram @madarsapse

aka: Matters
Age: 28
Hometown: Ventspils, Latvia
Sponsors: DC, Element, OJ, Independent, Red Bull, GoPro
Status: Pro
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: Toe socks, handstands, fluent in five languages
Weaknesses: Lost in Translation
Verdict: Where is Latvia?
Element Mason 300px
Mason SilvaFollow on instagram @masonsilva

aka: Bighead
Age: 21
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA
Sponsors: Nike SB, Element, Spitfire, Independent, Bronson, Bro Style, Former
Status: Pro
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: Crazy pop, getting tricks way too fast
Weaknesses: Hockey temper
Verdict: Lego head
Element tyson 300px
Tyson PetersonFollow on instagram @tysonpeterson_

aka: The hippie
Age: 20
Hometown: Melbourne, FL
Sponsors: Vans, Element, Spitfire, Thunder, Shake Junt
Status: Am (at start of KOTR)
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: Backside 5-0s
Weaknesses: Thrift stores
Verdict: Like, chill out, man...
Element cole 300px
Cole MathewsTeam Manager
Follow on instagram @colematthews

aka: Coalition
Age: 34
Hometown: Atascadero, CA
Status: TM, but on a global scale
KOTR Experience: Converse 2010, Element 2014
Strengths: BBQ master, hosting foreigners
Weaknesses: Married
Verdict: Should we bring Bam?
Element Tom Mull 300px
Tom MullVideographer
Follow on instagram @Tom_dull

aka: Fucking Tom
Age: 27
Hometown: North Bennington, VT
Status: Masterlensman
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: Creativity, PMA, friend of Man Ramp
Weaknesses: Maple syrup
Verdict: Get goofy
Element Ewan 300px
Ewan BowmanVideographer
Follow on instagram @bo_def_son

aka: Bo Def
Age: 42
Hometown: Canada, Scotland
Status: Masterlenseman
KOTR Experience: Flip 2005, Chocolate 2013, Creature 2016
Strengths: Can work out anywhere—even in the dark
Weaknesses: The first rule of Cross Fit...
Verdict: Lean beef
Element Rhino 300px
Chris RooneyPhotographer
Follow on instagram @rhino

aka: Rhino
Age: Old enough to know better
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Status: Masterlenseman
KOTR Experience: Black Label 2007, Nike 2010 (Won), Nike 2011, Creature 2012, REAL 2013, Flip 2014, Birdhouse 2015 (won), Creature 2016
Strengths: Been on more KOTRs than anyone else
Weaknesses: Trackers
Verdict: Mess with the rhino, get the horn

Foundation Team Header 750px
Foundation Cole 300px
Cole WilsonFollow on instagram @colewilson__

aka: Mr. Wilson
Age: 26
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Sponsors: Foundation, Asphalt, Independent, Pig wheels, Bronson, Goodworth, Happy Hour, Psockadelic, Bum Bag, Waist3d, Bro Style, Home skateshop
Status: Pro AF
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: Can do any rail trick, Has had a full-time job
Weaknesses: Sleepy when drunk
Verdict: Flip grind up a rail
Foundation Dakota 300px
Dakota ServoldFollow on instagram @dakotaservold

aka: Kodi Boi
Age: 25
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Sponsors: Foundation, Bones wheels, Bronson, Independent, Truman, Active, Altamont, Black Plague Brewing, Urbal Activ, Bro Style
Status: Pro
KOTR Experience: Dekline 2011
Strengths: Big ol’ rails, kinks, going big
Weaknesses: Manuals, silver bullets
Verdict: Biggest boardslide
Foundation Glick 300px
Corey GlickFollow on instagram @coreyglick_

aka: The Glickster
Age: 21
Hometown: Gurnee, IL
Sponsors: Foundation, Vans, Independent, Bones, Bronson, Active, Happy Hour, Urbal Activ, Bro Style
Status: Am
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: Tech gnar, Zero lines, long, high rails
Weaknesses: Mario mustache
Verdict: Secret weapon
Foundation Merlino 300px
Nick MerlinoFollow on instagram @nick_merlino

aka: Little Nicky
Age: 30
Hometown: Atlantic City, NJ
Sponsors: Foundation, Krux, Bro Style, Furnace skate shop, Pig Wheels
Status: Pro
KOTR Experience: Dekline 2011
Strengths: Fighting, roasting Sinclair, switch 360s
Weaknesses: Short fuse
Verdict: Act first, think later
Foundation Aidan 300px
Aidan CampbellFollow on instagram @aidancampbell

aka: Aidz
Age: 25
Hometown: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Sponsors: Foundation, RVCA, Etnies, Focus Boardshop, Hardluck, Bro Style, Pig Wheels
Status: Pro
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: Silent assassin, ATV
Weaknesses: Eternal faded look
Verdict: Lil' bit of everything
Foundation Sinclair 300px
Mike SinclairTeam Manager
Follow on instagram @mike_sinclair_

aka: Big Pink
Age: 9 in pug years
Hometown: Durham, NC
Status: TM, talent scout
KOTR Experience: Dekline 2011, Toy Machine 2012, Toy Machine 2015
Strengths: Wake-up calls, snacks, spots
Weaknesses: The sizzle
Verdict: Budget is fucked, but the kids are alright
Foundation Muller 300px
Sam MullerPhotographer
Follow on instagram @sammuller

aka: Samuel
Age: Either 27 or 45
Hometown: Hollywood, CA
Status: Masterlenseman
KOTR Experience: Chocolate 2015, Baker 2016
Strengths: People person, professional adult
Weaknesses: Leicas
Verdict: Connections for everything
Foundation Don 300px
Don LuongVideographer
Follow on instagram @yerdone

aka: Donald Dust
Age: 29
Hometown: Cypress, CA
Status: Masterlenseman
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: De-knobbing
Weaknesses: Milo
Verdict: Future video director
Foundation Holland 300px
Jon HollandVideographer
Follow on instagram @jon__holland

aka: J-5
Age: Like a fine wine
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Status: Masterlenseman
KOTR Experience: Toy Machine 2015, Deathwish 2016
Strengths: Seasoned vet
Weaknesses: Tracker Larry
Verdict: In good hands

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