P-Stone Cup 2024 Photos

The fifth annual P-Stone Cup at Lower Bobs, where friends and family gather to celebrate the Big Dog and those no longer with us. It's a major group effort, from all the builders making new stuff, to the artist making an exhilarating rideable canvas and Nasty Neck keeping us entertained on the mic. There are too many to name. Plus we had DJ Fari on the wheels of steel and Noah Peacock blowing things up in the fire all day. Raven Tershy and friends held down a five-star BBQ zone. Yeti kept the drinks on ice. The vibes were high and the money coals en pointe. The Revs were all-time and the skaters left the DIY in cinders. Events like this remind us we are one big family and how special skateboarding is. If you missed it you blew it. C’mon, Tom! —Joe Brook

Photos by Joe Brook and Dan Zaslavsky

1 DSC7853 brookWe made it!

2 DSC7882 brookWe got PSAs posted everywhere this year

3 DSC1673 brookDJ Fari bringing the heat from the Dirtay, Dirtay South

4 DSC7833 brookPatlanta repping Club Stratosphere for life!

5 DSC7880 brookKaden Ramos and Elijah Akerley lookin’ ready to rip!

6 DSC1679 brookWhat do you call a big bucket of free beer? Open beer?

7 DSC7963 brookThis is Peter Hewitt! and Patlanta

8 DSC1683 brookBreakfree's Raney Beres and Arco on the scene

9 DSC1687 brookWunderkind Anna Shea dressed for success

10 DSC1775 brookSuccess, indeed! Anna with a fat method over the hip

11 DSC1779 brookRonnie and Spanky made the trek north. Thanks, guys!

12 DSC1763 brookSuper fans were everywhere

13 DSC1804 brookFarkus and Frank

14 DSC7902 brookIndustry men Gavin Denike and Jim Thiebaud linked up

15 DSC7942 brookTop-tier TMs, John Alden and Remy Stratton

16 DSC7778 brookHeavy ladies roster, pregaming the contest. Get that heel bruise healed up, Nicole!

17 DSC7804 brookLevi Hylton and Mike Keshnar, skate artists and burrito brothers

18 DSC1870 brookOur guys Nick Ross and Jack Curtin handled it grillside

19 DSC1841 brookOver in the park, Cody Chapman throws a tailgrab nosegrind

20 DSC7850 brookBreakin’ away from the plant, Cole Mathews checks in with Neck

21 DSC7863 brookTrunk boys? Nah, Trunk MEN! Raven Tershy and Elijah Berle go way back

22 DSC1832 brookOaktown legend Ron Allen with ATL's finest Grant Taylor

23 DSC1746 brookWe got the whole gang out for this one. Tony V, Maddie Manson, and Julia rolled up

24 DSC1759 brookBig Hongry, Remy Stratton, and our events guy Jerome Case got cozy on the deck

25 DSC1684 brookHomies TNT and TJ Gaskill

26 DSC1705 brookHugo Boserup and Willis Kimbell feeling the good vibes

27 DSC7873 brookPatlanta and Wheatberry from Jim Goldberg's famed photo book Raised by Wolves

28 DSC7888 brookVegas royalty Sammy Baca joins Arco from Sick Boys. Check it out, kids

29 DSC7949 brookCameras and concrete, Max Schaaf and Austin Kanfoush came correct

30 DSC1888 brookBaker Boys in da house

31 DSC7982 brookAs raw as they come, Pedro Delfino and Albino

32 DSC7992 brookThe local kids must’ve just woke up to watch the shred fest. Maybe PJs at the park is just the fashion these days

33 DSC8004 brookBeach Vatos Noah Quale and Emmanuel Guzman left Santa Cruz to hang. Good seeing you!

34 DSC8021 brookRed alert! Roman Pabich and Kieran Woolley were all smiles

35 DSC1994 brookThe day's esteemed contest judges, Tommy Guerrero, D'Ontae Smith and Elissa Steamer

36 DZA 9221TNT was on fire the whole contest. High-speed 5-0 like he's back in Marseille

37 DSC1785 brookLady Meek handled it on one hand

Kaden Chain wallet DSC1803 brook DZ 2000Kaden kickin' the sky

Lara DSC1905 brook DZ 2000Bay Area ripper Lara Botto burns around the bend

38 DSC1912 brookElijah Berle, FSO

39 DSC2052 brookSky-high Tom Schaar spins a massive 540. Holey moley!

40DZA 9262Roman, backside nosepick on the extension

41 DSC1820 brookRuby Lilley, flying on this front crail

42DZA 9298Portland's new gen Kaden Ramos, slobplant

44 DSC1958 brookFew things go together like an Antihero and a big FSA. Malakai gets it

45DZA 9269Gus Gordon loves Costco socks, has sick dance moves and can do inverts to fakie

46 DSC1873 brookMami Tezuka’s back and hittin’ harder than ever. Front feeble through the corner

47DZA 9426Fully extended, Simon eggplants to put the nail in the coffin

43DZA 9325Dappin' up the crowd after airing the whole damn pyramid

48 DSC2210 brookStockton's most wanted, Nasty Neck worked double duty. After painting the place, he killed it on the mic for the main event. BIG LOVE

49 DSC2237 brookBaca takes a bell-pepper rip for the Big Dog

50 DSC2206 brookTony V about to put some cheese on the winners’ burgers. Shout out, Yeti, for the multipurpose coolers and prizes

51 DSC2204 brookMaster craftstmen Max Schaaf and Farkus made the mini Weber grill trophies this year. Nailed it, guys!

52 DSC2240Gus got a few bucks just for being himself. That oughtta get you a new pack of Costco socks

53 DSC2257 brookWomen winners feeling the love, y'all

54 DSC2276 brookBig cheddar in those envelopes, congrats! Now there’s only one thing left

55 DSC2353 brookElijah Berle and John Alden are the first to hug the winner, SIMON BANNEROT!

56 DSC2368 brookStill smokin’!

57 DSC8036 brookLet’s go out with the Open Beer boys Tino Razo, The Nuge and the good homie Sammy Baca

58 DSC7788 brookDon't drink and drive please. Thanks for the good times, Thrasher and Deluxe
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