REAL's "Three Seasons" Premiere Photos

Sure, big theaters with 20-dollar beers and limited seating are cool, but wouldn’t it be nicer to sit in a park and watch your friends rip on an inflatable screen? Plus, you don’t have take all of your shit out your pockets and walk through a metal detector. REAL knows the deal and brought the premiere to Griffith park for its newest video Three Seasons, starring Patrick Praman, Gage Boyle and Tanner Van Vark. Scroll through to see who came out for the first video event of the year. —Alex Papke

TS PAP 1Griffith Park is bigger than you think. Just follow the signs if your iPhone is dead

TS PAP 2A little group hack to kick things off…

TS PAP 3Pardon the pun

TS PAP 4Patrick Praman and Gage Boyle are ready to show you've what they've been working on the past few years

TS PAP 5What's a movie night without popcorn?

TS PAP 6Solid merch

TS PAP 7Our remaining star of the night—TVV with ATV Nicole Hause

TS PAP 8A delicious media sandwich with Taylor Ballard, Steve Mull and Thrasher Dan

TS PAP 9I go out of my way at these events to get at least one embarrassing picture of Mason. Ginger knows my game

TS PAP 10 I like the first one better, but it’s nice to have options

TS PAP 11Tyson ditched the New York winter for a night in the park with K-Walks

TS PAP 12Seeing as how no one does night sessions anymore, the generator made a guest appearance to keep the party lit

TS PAP 13Speaking of gas, ratios of all blends were seen throughout the evening

TS PAP 14Tim Fulton recently upgraded his role at REAL to TM, even though most of you probably thought he’d been doing it for ages

TS PAP 16Shoddy 'Shod was there, flicked up with Dashawn Jordan

TS PAP 17It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing these things, the butterflies are always there before the curtain goes up. Luckily, Thrasher party guy Dylan Christopher was on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly

TS PAP 18Even though it was probably below zero in Minnesota, a brisk 50 in LA was too cold for Tanner

TS PAP 19Jack and Robbie always tell me about how when Hambone would cover a premiere he would call them beforehand and tell them to come out and get a photo. “Coverage is coverage!” Joe was always right

TS PAP 20Love a good Davis Torgerson sighting. Hit him up for a table

TS PAP 21Mask season is still in full effect for Davey and K White

TS PAP 22Before I knew it, the crowd had formed

TS PAP 23What’s a premiere without a speech?! Christian Alexander intros the show

TS PAP 24Phones were out and the crowd was stoked

TS PAP 25No pro boards for the night, but flowers are tight, too

TS PAP 26Pat got his—joined by NB top dog Tyrone Romero

TS PAP 27And, of course, we can’t forget Gage

TS PAP 28Tanner was long gone by the time the bouquets came out, but I’m sure Tim made sure he got his. Thanks to everyone for coming out and to REAL for hosting a great event to start the year out strong. Keep your eyes peeled for Three Seasons hitting the site on the 23rd!