RIP IN PEACE: Scott Starr

Scott Starr
Scott Starr was a trusted photographer for Thrasher through the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. He got the cover with the first batch of photos he submitted and continued to document the skaters of Santa Barbara and beyond, from the OG Mike Taylor at the T-Bowls through the Shorty’s era. He shot several covers including our then-bestseller Tony Hawk melon to fakie for January, 1991, which turned out to be the first SOTY cover, (even if the staff didn’t realize it at the time.) His love of photography and life extended beyond skating to surfing, snowboarding, music and freestyle Frisbee. He will be missed by the skaters of Santa Barbara and family and friends worldwide.

coversSome classic Starr covers

TH9002George Nagai, on the front February, 1990

Scott looked out for me through my formidable years, shot most of my photos through my skate career and helped many skaters in the 805 and beyond get their shine in the pages of Thrasher magazine. Thank you, Scott, for all you did for us! We are all thankful for your contribution to the worlds of skateboarding, snowboarding, frisbee and more! I’ll always remember you riding your beach cruiser, never touching the handlebars, never with a shirt on and throwing up the Shaka as you rode past the skatepark. Rest in peace, Scott. You will be missed, my dear friend. ––George Nagai

TH9101Number-one stunner. January, 1991

TG Starr191 copyTommy Chicken, on the mini

Starr CONTENTS SPREADSA couple of stellar Starr Contents spreads

TA Starr 352Tony Alva, locked in Losi

IMG 2545From the photographer’s article

IMG 2546
TH9012Omar’s front—way back in December, 1990

Hawk Fallbrook90 Starr copyHawk soars like an eagle. Rest easy, Scott
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