Ryan Sheckler's Red Bull Double-Feature Photos

Ryan Sheckler packed a theater in DTLA to premiere his two new Red Bull projects. Starting with his new Lifer part then heading straight into the Rolling Away documentary, the audience got an in-depth look at the path Ryan took to complete his videos. Formal attire was recommended and it turns out, skaters clean up nicely. With a name like Shecks on the marquee, you know there's gonna be a serious sample of skateboarding's biggest stars. So scroll through and decide for yourself who was the night's best dressed. —Tim Aguilar

ShecksVid 1 TAguilarStarting off with a look at Rolling Away in big letters, part two of the night’s double feature

ShecksVid 2 TAguilarBlood sweat and tears, Lifer is a testament to what Ryan is willing to give for skateboarding

ShecksVid 3 TAguilarAssembling the Sheckler wall of fame

ShecksVid 4 TAguilarThe masterlensmen behind Lifer, Ira Ingram was down the street taking the edge off before the big show

ShecksVid 5 TAguilarDouble D spotted with shaka hands

ShecksVid 5.5 TAguilarYours truly behind the lens, and even in the video!

ShecksVid 6 TAguilarJoey Brezinski and Julian Agliardi, the first two on the red carpet. Arrive early, leave early, Julian has a curfew

ShecksVid 7 TAguilarDane Burman, I see you are a man of taste

ShecksVid 8 TAguilarOf course, Machine Gun Kelly arrives in a Rolls Royce. What did you expect?

ShecksVid 9 TAguilarThe Life of Ryan

ShecksVid 10 TAguilarDavid Reyes and his date blessing the red carpet

ShecksVid 11 TAguilarA couple skaters and a couple filmers, Dan Stolling, Devin Bagnoli, CJ Collins and Coburn Huff

ShecksVid 12 TAguilarRyan and his mom Gretchen grace us

ShecksVid 13 TAguilarIra found his suit and his fiancé

ShecksVid 14 TAguilarB Turner in attendance. Talks of Encinitas doubles?

ShecksVid 15 AguilarFoy with his million-dollar smile

ShecksVid 16 TAguilarNothing but smiles when the Rodfather is around

ShecksVid 17 TAguilarWoah is that the guy that makes Shecks’ shoe? Yup, Pierre Andre Senizergues of SoleTec

ShecksVid 20 TAguilarRodney Mullen can’t believe it’s Pierre either

ShecksVid 18 TAguilarFelipe Gustavo and company dressed to the nines

ShecksVid 19 TAguilarT Puds with his snacks and free advertisement

ShecksVid 21 TAguilarBriana King, slay, queen

ShecksVid 22 TAguilarSheckler and his wife, both thankful for their babysitter

ShecksVid 22.1 TAguilarIra introducing the video, “I’ll keep this short. So in the fourth grade…”

ShecksVid 22.2 TAguilarTook a step back for the Q&A

ShecksVid 23 TAguilarCloser look at the panel

ShecksVid 24 TAguilarSpotted Sinclair outside before he took off. Chris Ortiz and Vern Laird by his side

ShecksVid 25 TAguilarPhoto icon Matt Price and Moe Alvarez, yes, she’s a skater

ShecksVid 26 TAguilarBack inside we see Lance Mountain still enjoying the panel

ShecksVid 27 TAguilarEric Koston and Tom Curran with Joey Brezinski looking a bit out of place

ShecksVid 28 TAguilarDecenzo spotted as the crowd shuffles out

ShecksVid 29 TAguilarDouble D and Koston know when to call it. All-in-all the stars had a blast and now you can enjoy the show by watching his new part here
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