Independent's "Dolphin Pool" Photos

The Dolphin Pool was skated back in the early '90s by only a few SD heavy hitters. It used to be a 15-minute barge because an older lady lived there and would call the cops. Fast forward to 2016, the pool has been re-plastered and the house is now rented to college kids. I convinced them to let me drain it by promising a ton of beer and paying for the water bill to fill it back up. I also said I'd bring a heavy crew of Indy riders to their backyard and threw out the old, "I guarantee the pool will not get damaged." We got a one-day session behind the landlord’s back and it was the coolest campus party ever. You should have been there. Just ask Roman; it was his birthday! —Rhino

1It was 11am when I set up the pump

2By 7pm it was empty and ready for the following day

3Jerry and Pedro setting the tone for the festivities

4Jerry, backside boneless

5Josh Borden, tailslide over the steps

6Not the typical setting for Hewitt to skate in, body jar

7Frat pool party, Gregson goes shirtless with a stalefish

8The college kids were in awe!

9Blood Wizardry showing the students how to really party

10Borden tosses up a Madonna

11Gregson, front blunt

12Chicks dig cameras. Wes trying to get some digits

13Hewitt, eggplant

14Birthday boy Roman Pabich, frontside invert

15Cedric, crail to tail

16Big FSO by Roman

17Winkowksi and Cope didn't really know what was going on

18But it didn’t stop Cope from killing the pool

19The pool is a good one. Cedric, Indy air

20Jerry brought the party, hyping up the shotguns

21Hewitt dropped this invert back in to fakie. Fill 'er back up and we're out!
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