Session Skate Sim at Substance Skatepark

Gearing up for its official launch, Session invited Samarria Brevard, Dane Burman, Many Santiago and more out to Substance Skatepark in Brooklyn for a proper skate party.


DSC01279 Substance Session 2000

Gamers and skaters assemble at Substance's street side for a VIP session on two counts


 T0A3817 Substance Session 2000

A rare sight inside a park


DSC01286 Substance Session 2000

"This guy runs the place!" Substance owner Andrew checks the scene with his squad


 T0A3708 Substance Session 2000

The simulation commences with Samarria testing out her on-screen abilities


 T0A3712 Substance Session 2000

Solid heelflip on the way to the Pier


 T0A3804 Substance Session 2000

Manny plays all


 T0A3738 Jiro Platt Backside Noseblunt Substance Session 2000

Just beyond the computers, Jiro warms up the ramps with a backside noseblunt 


 T0A3770 Substance Session 2000

Samarria catches a crook on the makeshift bump to ledge


 T0A3756 Substance Session 2000

Andrew Singh from 5Boro came in hot with a frontside NBS


 T0A3760 Garrett Ginner Substance Session 2000

What would a skateboarding and video game event be without Garrett Ginner in the mix? Front blunt


 T0A3763 Substance Session 2000

Manny played, then he slayed—kickflip crooks


 T0A3795 Substance Session 2000

Game producer Jeff even caught some on the course with a manual


 T0A3814 Substance Session 2000

Dane threw on his new bandana and closed it out with a head-high frontside wallride


DSC01326 Substance Session 2000

They've signed shirts and boards all over the world, tonight they all get a personal NBD of signing gaming merch


 T0A3826 Substance Session 2000

At the end of the evening, Jiro went back for another round


 T0A3827 Substance Session 2000

Seems like as good as an endorsement could be


DSC01292 Substance Session 2000

And of course, Donovan Strain was there to make sure everything ran smooth with the setup. From the streets to the screens, he's seen it all. Check the newest Session trailer and cop your copy for the next time you gotta put your ankle up 

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