Vans & PASS~Port Curb Party

With the release of the Vans X Passport collection a party was in order! What kind of party? A Curb Party! If you didn’t get to skate it I am sorry, I did and it was one of the funnest set ups I have ever skated. The Golden curbs grinded like butter. The skate-able sidestripe was definitely the most interesting slappy you could have ever experienced and the Golden Pass~Port bridge,  bridging the Pass~Port Gap constructed out of steel added kink to the curves. And the UTE-Well as the Aussie say it was UTE BUTE! —Mapstone


Photos: Andrew Mapstone & Marcus Hart


JoshPaulOllieOverBsSmithVansXPassport Mapstone

Josh Paul-ollie over to bs smith






BenCurrieUTE5050VansXPassport Mapstone

Ben Currie-5050


BenWierrFsBluntslideVansXPassport Mapstone

Ben Wierr - Fs Bluntslide


ScottyStandleySwitchNoseGrindVansXPassport Mapstone

Scotty Standley - Switch Nose Grind



NikStipoFsBluntslideVansXPassport Mapstone

Nik Stipo - Fs Bluntslide


TrentEvansBsBluntslideVansXPassport Mapstone

Trent Evans - Bluntslide






TommyBreaksFsWallrideVansXPassport Mapstone

Tommy Breaks - Fs Wallride


CallumBsLipslideVansXPassport Mapstone

Callum - Bs Lipslide



Video by Cameron Sparks (@sparkessydney)

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