Trevor Thompson Goes Pro

It’s no surprise to us that Trevor “Bone” Thompson is WKND’s newest pro. His video parts speak for himself, but if you’ve seen him skate in person you know that he’s one of the most tastefully tech dudes out with a great eye for spots that most would quickly overlook. This past Saturday, WKND hosted a private get together at Kingswell in Los Feliz with some of Trevor’s closets friends for the release of his first pro board, featuring a classic WKND style skit to go along with it. Fueled by vegan doughnuts and copious amounts of free beer, the crowd was stoked to present Trevor with his first pro board. Congrats Bone, you deserve it! - Alex Papke

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 1Right off the bat, Big Al’s gotta make his beer money for the night off of Zac Gracie.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 2The warehouse boys brought the goods.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 3Including a 1 of 1 bone board for Trevor.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 4First ones out front, WKND’s hottest new am Caleb McNeely and Vistas Tanner Burzinski.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 5Not to mention shop owner and tonights host DJ Chavez.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 6No matter how many of these things Grant has to do…

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 7Technical difficulties never come easy.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 8It’s no secret that Jojo and Deana love the bone.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 9There is no better way to Trevor’s heart than a box of vegan doughnuts.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 10Free beer: a must for any skate event.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 11Even if you don’t drink anymore!

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 12First things first

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 13Now that the boards are on the shelf, WKND warehouse workhorse Thomas Goldman is straight to double fisting.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 14Atlanta in the house featuring none other than masterlensman Ryan Flynn and the man with arguably the best front bigspin, David Clark.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 15Genuine hugs were a big thing tonight.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 16Everyone wanted a photo with Bone!

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 17But most importantly, Maaloof just wanted his piece of the vegan doughnuts.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 18The first taste of going pro never gets old.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 19But hey, its not for everyone.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 20Out front, we got Vegas boys Nick Michel and Robert Blazek, featuring Rob’s new hacky sack for slow days at the office.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 21Most versatile koozie of the night goes out to Kevin Shealy.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 22Photog Dakota Mullins and part time skateboarder, full time party boy Alan Krohn.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 23It gets to that point in the night when the other photographer has to grab your camera off your hip to take as many selfies as humanly possible. Some of your best work, Flynn.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 24Gordo caught red handed out front with 2019’s hottest vaping trend.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 25I wasn’t lying when I said genuine hugs were big tonight.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 26Johans been to enough of these things to know the cliche poses that will always end up on the blogs.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 27Long time Florida homie Johnathan Flechas had to get his hands on the karate kid graphic.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 28Not a bad turnout at all.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 29If the board didn’t seal the deal, I’m pretty sure this is the icing on the cake.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 30A job well done to Mr. Trevor Thompson. Sully couldn’t be more proud.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 31Everyone had to get their photo taken with the man of the hour.

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 32And who not better to get a photo with then the legend himself, Matt Field!

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 33Oh yeah boys, lets get him up there. Congrats Bone!

BoneIsPro photoPAPKE 34But 60 dollars for a board ? That’s a little bit steep for Maaloof. Until next time!
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