Vans' "Courtesy" Video Premiere Photos

Photo 1 750pxThe Vans crew in good spirits while legendary MC Conor Neeson introduces the main event

The Vans Canada squad gathered in Montreal to present the world premiere of Courtesy, a short film directed by Vancouver local Jake Kuzyk. The event took place at Montreal’s Cinema L’Amour. Interestingly, the theatre is rumored to be the last venue illusionist in which Harry Houdini performed in the 1920s. The legend goes that he sustained an injury during his act after receiving a severe blow to the stomach, resulting in his death weeks later.

That isn’t the only magic that tends to happen there, however—Cinema L'Amour now functions as a full-time adult peep show. The X-rated decor was kept mostly displayed for the premiere and a faint smell of cleaning product hung in the air as a large crowd settled into their mysteriously crusted seats to cheer on their favorite boys of the north. The night kicked things off with Vans’ latest snowboard film Together Forever; an ode to the late, and dearly missed, Dillon Ojo. Courtesy screened shortly after, providing some debauchery induced cheers and comedic relief to set the tone for the rest of the night.

Courtesy was filmed in its entirety throughout Canada during the summer months of 2018. The film features some of the country's most acclaimed Canucks: Etienne Gagne, Dustin Henry and Leon Chapdelaine. They and the rest of the Vans Canada crew explore their native landscape alongside some of those south of the border such as Justin Henry, Pedro Delfino, and Kader Sylla.  –Jacee Juhasz

Photo 2 750pxSlip-on man gives us the approval and the night is underway!

Photo 3 750pxAttendees line up as the streets begin to swell

Photo 4 750pxDustin Henry and Stafhon Boca are all smiles

Photo 5 750pxThe man of the hour—Jake Kuzyk and friends among the crowd

Photo 6 750pxJohnny, Breana, Una and Leon catch a quick smoke while they wait for the premiere of Don’t Tell My Boyfriend I’m Cheating 2

Photo 7 750pxLeon Chapdelaine and Zach Sheats enjoying the soiree while ET chugs one down before the show

Photo 8 750pxA puffy bunch brave the frigid Montreal temperatures—Will Marshall, Leanne, Charles Rivard, JP Grenier, Phil Lavoie, Christian and Zach Baker

Photo 9 750pxChantal, Kelsey and Una indulge in the refreshments

Photo 10 750pxEtienne Gagne, Ben Blundell and Jed Anderson showing up in style

Photo 11 750pxMax Cote amidst the gathering while Evan Hay puts on a show

Photo 12 750pxMeanwhile inside, a buffet of sorts appears, Courtesy of Pizza Adamo!

Photo 13 750pxBob Lasalle, Cephas Benson and Una in good spirits

Photo 14 750pxGood buds: Dustin Henry and Cory

Photo 15 750pxThe crowd take to the streets yet again as the premiere of Together Forever wraps up leaving only the main event!

Photo 16 750pxTime to get inside. Antoine Asselin, Anthony, Charles Rivard and Raj Mehra increase the peace

Photo 17 750pxBen Blundell gets things going while Conor Neeson relishes in the noise.

Photo 18 750pxCheers, ears—Landon Avramovic and ET

Photo 19 750pxLeon Chapdelaine, Stahfon and Breana as the angels they are

Photo 20 750pxVans teammates toast to TM Gio Vacca as Conor introduces Courtesy!

Photo 21 750pxA packed theatre with eyes peeled while the elite of the evening (front left) watch their fellow mates

Photo 22 750pxUnanimous approval

Photo 23 750pxRIP Dillon Ojo

Photo 24 750pxSlip-on man snags the leftovers as it’s time to go. Thanks, Vans Canada for a great night

Photo 25 750pxLet the post-night debauchery begin!

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