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Cold Call: TJ Rogers

We linked with TJ at JKwon, unlocking lines all the way to Hollywood High. Ride along as we talk to the tech titan about Canadian influences, LA livin’ and see how life's been since his serious diagnosis.

  • éS Introduces the Accel Cowboy

    éS Introduces the Accel Cowboy
    TJ saddles up and takes the new éS Accel Cowboys for a ride around the corral. Look for 'em at your nearest general store. 
  • Skateline: 03.19.2024

    Skateline: 03.19.2024
    Gary covers TJ Rogers' Welcome to SK8Mafia part, Vans' Make Impact tour video, Ryan Sheckler off etnies, Nick Garcia's Welcome to Welcome part, Jake Wooten and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • TJ Rogers "Welcome to SK8Mafia" Part

    TJ Rogers "Welcome to SK8Mafia" Part
    TJ keeps up his prolific pace, putting down an unbelievable opening statement for his first part with the Mafia. If you thought that Firing Line photo was fiction, get the facts here.
  • Cold Call: Jordan Thackeray

    Cold Call: Jordan Thackeray
    Jordan flew to the States to pick up a banjo, but he didn’t head home without destroying the Diamond bowl and some backyard ponds.
  • Burnout: BHADW2!

    Burnout: BHADW2!
    LA pulled up hard for the first major premiere of the year ––Baker Has a Deathwish Part 2 brought friends, fans and family from Philly, Torrance, Florida and beyond!