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Halloween Hellride 3

The Hellride gets gnarlier every year. Raybourn claims the top spot, Ronnie literally gets caked, and Charlie Blair shuts down the festivities with a taildrop of death. Happy Halloween!

Words and Photos: Joe Hammeke

Arrived at the Diamond Mine bowl and Raybourn was already on fire.

Shaun Ross and Chris Russell.  Slippery Banana and King Haole

Lifeblood garage workers ready to lube and drill

Ben and Chris

Ozar and Matt Rod  Sacto represent

Ghostbusters and Fabrizio

Raybourn’s 80’s set-up

Where’s Waldo?  Chris Cope knows.

Robbie Russo Sally of the Pedro Pirates

Oscar Navarro and Selena

Jeron Wilson

Lil Red Riding Hood and Pocahontas love In-N-Out?  Of course

Jason, a sailor and some very comfortable ladies

Cardiel kept the turntables fired up all night long.  

Gotham city has never been safer

Back at the bowl Ronnie Sandoval airs over the skeleton.

Chris Cope indy back smith

Greyson Fletcher in heavy traffic

By the time finals rolled around most guys costumes had fallen apart or been discarded.  Oscar Navarro air to fakie.

Willy Lara nosegrind through the corner

When choosing a costume for something like this, how well you can skate in it is a key factor.  Raney Bares as Duane Peters and kept with the theme by skating just like Duane and only doing Duane’s signature tricks.  Those timeless moves can still get you to the finals.  

and thats time...

The crowd went nuts.

Nine of your ten finalists, Raney/Duane was in typical Duane fashion  M.I.A.

The winner of 10g’s with Joey and Nick Tershey,  Ben Raybourn

Then it was happy birthday to second place finisher Ronnie Sandoval

and of course cake to the face.

Happy birthday Ronnie, all you guys killed it..

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