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“Happy 60th Steve Alba” Video

The word “legend” gets bandied about far too often in our vocabulary-stunted, four-wheeled world. Because what makes a legend, really? Is it someone who burned bright and flew close to the sun, only to fade into obscurity, leaving behind a vapor trail of gossip and myth? Maybe so. But perhaps there’s more to be said for the skater who stuck with it, through trend and tumult, who continued to search, destroy and spread the word to the underground—no compromises, no gimmicks, no breaks in the action. We’re talking, of course, about Mr. Steve Alba, who, at the age of 60, rips harder and longer than skaters one-third his age and never, EVER quit. From long before he won the first pro pool contest, to this very day, (this very moment, probably,) he’s out there doing it—finding and grinding, repping hardcore skating to the fullest. There are bigger names and taller tales, but for our money Steve Alba is the legend of all legends. Happy 60th, Salba! We know we’ll be skating with you 20 years from now! –MB
  • MASHER: Pools

    MASHER: Pools
    Salba, Tony, GT, Rune, Tristan and a gang of greats hop corners in backyard pits, gettin’ busy before the 'dozers hit.
  • Burnout: Cab’s Combi Blowout

    Burnout: Cab’s Combi Blowout
    Steve Caballero celebrated 30 years of the Half-Cab with a VIP final session at the Combi Pool. Hosoi, Pabich, Lizzie, MacDonald .... who WASN'T there?!
  • Independent's "All Day" with Salba

    Independent's "All Day" with Salba
    Hop on the session with Salba for a full day of guitar riffs and backyard dips accompanied by Lance, Dressen and more for Indy.
  • Santa Cruz's "Til the End" Vol. 5

    Santa Cruz's "Til the End" Vol. 5
    Knibbs kicks off the show, careening through traffic before Maurio covers the street-bump beat and Eman gets rocked by a phone pole, only to continue his high-speed pursuit. The Santa Cruz squad has outdone itself.
  • Tumble in Tucson 2020 Photos

    Tumble in Tucson 2020 Photos
    Some bonafide icons and a bunch of vert-hungry rippers found the desert to be a fitting place to bring the heat. Navs, Salba, Suski, Puleo, Russell and a bunch more tore the coping off the bowl or cheered as the others did. Once again, the Muscle crushed it.