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Ish Cepeda's "Saturn's Son" Part

Ish has been on a good one these last 12 months, cranking out clips, jetsetting to OZ and dropping this new part for Shake Junt. Let the good times roll...

  • Skateline: 08.15.2023

    Skateline: 08.15.2023
    Gary covers The Heated Wheel in Finland, The Venture X Shake Junt video, Emilio Dufour's Out of Office part, Arin going pro for Sci-Fi and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Venture x Shake Junt Video

    Venture x Shake Junt Video
    Tanner, Davey, Nikolai, Dilo and more get buck for Venture and Shake Junt.
  • Shake Junt x Emerica Collection

    Shake Junt x Emerica Collection
    Figgy, Jordan, Spanky, Shane Heyl and more street test the new Shake Junt X Emerica gear in Texas.
  • Gas Giants' "Summer Triangle" Video

    Gas Giants' "Summer Triangle" Video
    Ish gets his summer sessions in LA, Pennsylvania and Paris with Kader, Louie, Burzinski and more.
  • Thrasher Vacation: Germany

    Thrasher Vacation: Germany
    Our biggest Vacation yet features a heavy crew of SOTYs and stars on a two-week tear through Germany. Bear witness to the destruction.