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King of the Road Season 2: Meet the Mystery Guests

SOTYs? Misfits? Weirdos? Nah, this year we got three of the best women skateboarders in the biz to help the KOTR teams take it to the finish line. Check the stats and watch the video!

Samarria Brevard
Follow on instagram @samarriabrevard
aka: The Humbler
Age: 23
Hometown: Riverside, CA
Sponsors: Hoopla, Active Ride Shop, Bones, Bones Swiss, Etnies, Cloud 9 grip,
Status: Pro
Guest for: enjoi
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: rails, stairs, flatground, only girl at Bust or Bail
Weaknesses: Vert?
Verdict: Humble 'em!

Nora Vasconcellos
Follow on instagram @noravexplora
aka: Hard Cora
Age: 23
Hometown: Boston, MA
Sponsors: Welcome, RVCA, Spitfire, adidas, Bern, Krux, Bronson, Tactics, MovieTickets. com
Status: Amateur
Guest for: Creature
KOTR Experience: None
Strengths: proper backside airs, general park sharking
Weaknesses: anxiety, elevators, cooking, El Toro
Verdict: Queen of the Road
Lacey Baker
Follow on instagram @leeroythegreat
aka: The Bake
Age: 24
Hometown: Covina, CA
Sponsors: Meow Skateboards, Pawnshop, Vans, Indy
Status: Pro
Guest for: Deathwish
KOTR Experience: Mystery Guest with Converse in 2010
Strengths: ledges, rails, stairs, reigning Street League champ
Weaknesses: unknown
Verdict: Baker Maker!