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Rough Cut: JP Souza's "I'll be Around" Part

Camera hits, return trips and a board caught in a creek, JP works through unfathomable lines and absurd combos.

  • JP Souza for Pepper Grip

    JP Souza for Pepper Grip
    JP lays down some technical brilliance for Pepper grip. 
  • SKATELINE: 02.02.2021

    SKATELINE: 02.02.2021
    Tony Hawk hucks a 720, Bones Wheels’ Gravitational Pull montage, JP Souza’s Visual part, Kader, Movieville2021 and more in today’s episode of Skateline.
  • JP Souza's "Visual" Part

    JP Souza's "Visual" Part
    Armed with an unlimited bag of tricks and an imaginative approach to switch back tails, Visual's newest pro emerges as a forerunner in the tech game. JP packs a punch.
  • JP Souza's "I'll be Around" Part

    JP Souza's "I'll be Around" Part
    JP unleashes a heavy opener and it only gets more absurd from there. Take a seat and watch a ledge virtuoso work his magic. 
  • HIGH's "Bella Terra" Video

    HIGH's "Bella Terra" Video
    Half these moves will leave you head scratchin’. Yuri Facchini, Rodrigo Peterson, Adelmo Jr. and their fellow Brazilians pull off an all-out assault in the Bay and back home.