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Ryan Larue and Ben Narloch's "Familia" Part

Holding it down in Minnesota, Ben and Ryan power through insane bluntslides and risky rails. That finishing 360 flip is textbook grace. Nothin’ but love for the Midwest. 

  • Established: Familia

    Established: Familia
    Steve Nesser and Familia co-owner Dennis Burdick took an empty space and built it into a community hub for Minneapolis skaters. On top of the shop, they operate the winter haven Familia HQ skatepark. See how they made it work in the Midwest. 
  • Thrasher Weekend: Minneapolis Photos

    Thrasher Weekend: Minneapolis Photos
    The Minneapolis streets were warmin' up so we headed out to Familia HQ with some of the heaviest hitters on the Vans roster and three sick hardcore bands. Hop in the van with Brook as he gives you an insider look at all the action.
  • Thrasher Weekend: Minneapolis

    Thrasher Weekend: Minneapolis
    All it takes is a couple days to hit the reset button. Leave the stress behind and roll with us. Big Love to Familia and everyone in MPLS. Next stop, Boston...
  • Davis Torgerson for Familia Skate Shop

    Davis Torgerson for Familia Skate Shop
    Davis puts on for Familia and REAL with a mean batch of moves. Play that noseblunt back.
  • Strangelove's "Purple Reign" Video

    Strangelove's "Purple Reign" Video
    Strangelove sends Max Murphy, Ben Narloch and the squad to the streets of Minneapolis for a Prince-fueled tear.