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"State x Magenta" Video

Short, but oh so sweet. It’s not just about what you do, it’s how you do it.

  • Magenta's "Soleil Levant" Full-Length Video

    Magenta's "Soleil Levant" Full-Length Video
    Marking the ten-year anniversary of its cross-over full-length, Magenta unveils the entire vid online for the new generation to enjoy the quick hits from Bordeaux to Japan.
  • Magenta's "Brutalista" Video

    Magenta's "Brutalista" Video
    The Magenta team explores the abundance of raw concrete banks and ledges that popped up alongside France's Brutalist movement. Get your architecture credit here.
  • Magenta's "Just Cruise 2" Video

    Magenta's "Just Cruise 2" Video
    A rush of quick hits and flowing lines fills the timeline from start to finish in Magenta's newest full length. Take an extra push next time you get out.
  • Lui Araki's "Just Cruise 2" Magenta Part

    Lui Araki's "Just Cruise 2" Magenta Part
    Quick feet, close filming and the beautiful backdrop of France, Lui's part in Just Cruise 2 pulses with the Magenta vibe.
  • Butter Goods "Contours" Video

    Butter Goods "Contours" Video
    Speed, power, flow ––what more could you ask for? Adilson Pedro, Phil Marshall, Ben Gore and the sublime brick background of Boston add up to another tasty offering from Butter Goods.