Wheels of Fortune 11 Photo Recap

Seattle, Washington, known mostly for rainy weather and anti-union coffee corporations, has unexpectedly become the mecca for the non-traditional skateboarding scene (think women, queer, trans and generally other’d skateboarders). The pièce de résistance of this movement is Wheels of Fortune hosted by Skate Like a Girl. Touted as “the Coachella of non-traditional skateboarding,” WOF 11 drew more than 300 skaters to partake in a weekend packed with events like a three-on-three basketball session with the pros, study sessions with industry pioneers like froSkate, Nicole Hause’s professional nod for REAL, a wild goose chase known as The Witch Hunt, The Sage Memorial Queer Skate Jam at the courts, punk rock karaoke with Nora Vasconcellos and rounded out by an open skate contest at ATS with a 10K prize purse. In our opinion, WOF lived up to the hype.  Wheels of Fortune is an unending fever dream accelerated by moment after moment of sensational experiences. Where else will you get the opportunity to kiss your pro crushes and bump elbow pads with the likes of Jaime Reyes and Elissa Steamer? Nowhere else will make you feel so seen and heard among your peers and idols. Candy Jacobs summed it up after accepting her first-place trophy alongside celebrity drag queen/skater Diamond Lil: “We are the scene; we make the scene.” There is no scene like WOF—there is no place like WOF. Class dismissed. —Emanuele Barbier and Alex White

 Thursday RAISA ABAL WOF11 STRETCHING WITH YAZ 2Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000The class of 2022 started the weekend with teacher Yaz sharing some good stretching techniques during the Briana King skate sesh at Benefit Skate Dot      photo: Raisa Abal

 Thursday RAISA ABAL WOF11 ASH NO COMPLY POLE JAMThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Ash Freeman kicked off the madness, wowing all the shy kids with this textbook no-comply pole jam       photo Raisa Abal

 Thursday Reanna Norman Irei WOF11 UnityThere Friends 037Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Heads were spinning, but seasoned froSkate ripper Andrea Paar captured the eyes with her effortless style      photo: Reanna Norman-Irei

 Thursday RAISA ABAL WOF11 SAMARRIA 3Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000No better way to begin a three-on-three contest than getting the freshies dunked on by legends—Samarria Brevard and Vanessa Torres!       photo: Raisa Abal

 Thursday WOF 11 ElenaMarti 14Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000The French Canadians from Montreal made it out West and into the three-on-three finals      photo: Elena Marti

 Thursday RAISA ABAL WOF11 NANA WATERThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000No, you’re not watching ESPN. These are the jocks of skateboarding celebrating a heated finals      photo: Raisa Abal

 Thurs WOF 11 ReannaNorman Irei 18Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Everyone gets to reconnect on the first night, like Dayana Young and Sarah Meurle post premiere of Skate Dreams      photo: Reanna Norman-Irei

School was on Friday, with a series of panels and workshops looking at consent, the industry and inclusivity. All WOFers got a chance to learn from their favorite pros and legends before the rager officially began. Bad Jimmy’s saw a crowd of hungry and excited skaters ready to party the night away. On the menu, we had a premiere for the Roll of Their Own video and Nicole’s new part, but all good menus have secret items. “Nicole is one of us!” Elissa Steamer belted as Nora Vasconcellos and the REAL team lifted Nicole off her feet in celebration of her surprise pro-nod from REAL. Nicole gripped the mic and managed to spurt out, “I fucking love all my homies; let’s get it!” From that moment, it was on. We felt as if we were watching royalty in the making. Everyone was on their feet cheering as Nicole’s rip-roaring part played on the big screen. DJ Code Abi and Hella Doubt charged up the crowd into a frenzy with froSkate bringing the heat on the tiny dance floor and out onto the Seattle street.

A star-studded cast from NHS cruises through the Northwest, ripping big 'crete, indoor ramps and rough regional terrain

 Friday NIbarra wof11 Fri 4828Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Friday was about sparking conversations in our communities. We heard from the industry panel: Kava Garcia Vasquez, Karlie Thornton, Alex White, Ashley Rehfeld, Candy Jacobs and moderator Sima Safavi-Bayat     photo: Norma Ibarra

 Friday NIbarra wof11 Fri 4884Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000And the inclusion panel: Marbie, Jai Ledesma Caballero, Briana King and moderator Alexa Berriochoa      photo: Norma Ibarra

 Friday WOF11 MarcMatis 06 SiennaThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Right off the panels straight to the welcome party, Sienna “Squink” Matcha means business!       photo: Marc Matis

 Friday WOF11 AmeliaWoodford 07Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Coming straight from New York, DJ Code Abi got people grooving      photo: Amelia Woodford

Hella Doubt Friday NIbarra wof11 Fri 5133 1Then Hella Doubt rocked Bad Jimmy's with hits from Paramore, Blink 182 and, of course, No Doubt     photo: Norma Ibarra

 Friday Chrisy 2Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Homecoming photo booth was going off all night!    photo: Chrisy Salinas  

 Friday Chrisy 4Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Knowing how to party is key and day-one alumni Kat Sy put on her favorite Twilight shirt for the occasion      photo: Chrisy Salinas

 Friday Chrisy 5Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000This ain’t quite glam rock but it certainly is giving a bit of both!      photo: Chrisy Salinas

 Friday NIbarra wof11 Fri 5297Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Special announcement for the Meow X SLAG collab with the team: Ciel Carillo, Lisa Whitaker, Poe Pinson, Mariah Duran, Kristin Ebeling and Vanessa Torres. With all proceeds going toward the SLAG youth programs, this board is a testament to their mission      photo: Norma Ibarra

 Friday NIbarra wof11 Fri 5318Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000With everyone on edge after the Roll of Their Own premiere, it’s time for Nicole Hause’s part, presented by Jaime Reyes, Elissa Steamer and Nora Vasconcellos      photo: Norma Ibarra

 Friday NIbarra wof11 Fri 5353Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000You know it’s not just a part premiere. The REAL team popped out of nowhere and the entire crowd at Bad Jimmy’s lost it!       photo: Norma Ibarra

Watch Nicole earn her pro stripes in her awesome full part 

 Friday NIbarra wof11 Fri 5459Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Even Nicole’s parents made it to the Emerald City to congratulate her      photo: Norma Ibarra

 Friday QueenofWofanVanessaTorres NIbarra wof11 5252Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Perfect conclusion to a great night, the queen of WOF—Kristin's mom Michelle—graces the crowd with her visit while posing with the regent daddy Vanessa Torres      photo: Norma Ibarra

“I don’t think I am ready for it,” Candy Jacobs confessed during warmup in a sea of on-edge skaters, waiting for the Witch Hunt to open. The SeaSk8 sesh saw the veteran WOFers and the freshies come together, trying to skate away the nervousness before the challenges were revealed. “I swear every WOF I end up getting wet,” said Kat Sy after launching herself down a slip-and-slide on the Gas Works hill. Class of 2022 was wet and wild, running across all of Seattle, performing witchcraft and scaring pedestrians. Whether it was the adidas crew getting messy in the dirtbike jump track, or the Nike team crashing a wedding, the shenanigans were worthy of the best witches. Of course, what happens at WOF, stays at WOF. Who's to say if a few undisclosed minors may or may not have gotten a really sick, maybe-permanent tattoo to commemorate the occasion? What is certain is that the name for the THERE skateboards crew—“Everyone stayed out too late last night making out”—is dubbed appropriately. We will just say the pros were very fruity on this trip.

 Saturday WOFGroupPhoto NIbarra wof11 6000Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Seattle, beware—the witches are ready to hunt!       photo: Norma Ibarra

 Sat WOF 11 ReannaNorman Irei 07Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Nothing can faze Dani’s focus during the SeaSk8 session, not even everyone zooming by as she locks this kickflip 50-50      photo: Reanna Norman-Irei

 Saturday WOF11 DanaViloria 01Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Tourists in the Space Needle trembled at the sight of the mighty witch, whose shadow covered the entire city      photo: Dana Viloria

 Sat WOF 11 ReannaNorman Irei 20Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Know your priorities—first challenge of the Witch Hunt for the THERE team is Gabe’s makeover!      photo: Reanna Norman-Irei

 Sat WOF 11 ReannaNorman Irei 28Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000We just want to know who’s got the best angle, Abi Teixeira or Rey Choto? This is purely scientific, of course       photo: Reanna Norman-Irei

 Saturday Itzel Granados WOF 11 Olga Aguilar 1Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Itzel Granados also stopped by Garfield and got all the glory with this backside flip on the world’s crustiest bank      photo: Olga Aguilar

 Saturday Anacleta Rendon WOF 11 Olga AguilarThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Ana Rendon’s knee painfully remembers WOF 9, but that didn’t stop her from sweeping off the dust and putting her mark on the iconic Garfield eight stair—boardslide      photo: Olga Aguilar 

 Saturday WOF11 MarcMatis 12Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Darth Vaper Steph Reid did vape clouds to no-look backflips all weekend long      photo: Marc Matis

 Saturday WOF11 MarcMatis 08Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Cami and Yaz are threading a dangerous needle, bombing Gas Works. Beware the bail; it’s a goose-poo mine field      photo: Marc Matis

 Saturday WOF 11 ElenaMarti 13Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Some witches visited the troll and made an offering, leaving its eyes wide open      photo: Elena Marti

 Saturday SHENA LORE VICTORIA POE SARAH KEET AND HAYLEY HUMAN PYRAMID WITCH HUNT WOF11 RAISA ABALThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Nike crew elevating each other to new heights with Shena, Lore Bruggeman, Victoria Ruesga, Poe Pinson, Sarah Meurle, Keet Oldenbeuving and Hayley Wilson      photo: Raisa Abal

 Saturday POE PINSON FS TAILSLIDE WOF11 RAISA ABALThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Poe Pinson’s got front tails for days      photo: Raisa Abal

 Saturday RAISA ABAL WOF11 JUST MARRIED WITH HAYLEY WILSON AND VICTORIA AND RYANThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Hayley Wilson and Victoria Ruesga crashed a wedding on the Witch Hunt       photo: Raisa Abal

 Sat WOF 11 ReannaNorman Irei 13Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000On that day, no one was gay, but everyone had 20 bucks, including Vitória Mendonça and Maité Steenhoudt    photo: Reanna Norman-Irei

 Saturday NIbarra wof11 Sat 6223 NoraBoothKFThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Nora Vasconcellos politely borrowed a stranger’s boot before scaring all the boys with this crisp flip      photo: Norma Ibarra

 Saturday NIbarra wof11 Sat 6375 CandyBluntThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000We suspect Candy Jacobs was considering a career change to dirtbiker while doing this blunt      photo: Norma Ibarra

 Saturday NAMCHIVAN WOF 11 127 NoraThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000“Guts, Glory, Nora!” Dusty back nosepick    photo: Nam-Chi Van

 Saturday minna stess dumptruck greenlake dirt jumps namchivanThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Four-wheel-drive mode activated for Minna Stess dump trucking into the Greenlake dirt jumps      photo: Nam-Chi Van

 Saturday NAMCHIVAN WOF 11 91Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Minna is like a bird—she will only fly away, while Candy’s faith in her brings us to tears      photo: Nam-Chi Van

 Saturday NAMCHIVAN WOF 11 89Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000No shoes? Got shades? Sheezy gets full service on a free-footed frontside 5-0      photo: Nam-Chi Van

 Saturday WOF 11 ChantalGarcia 21Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Vitória always strikes the right balance on everything, whether that’s the nose manual or the outfit      photo: Chantal Garcia 

 Saturday WOF 11 ChantalGarcia 23Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Post Witch Hunt, everyone came to the courts for the Sage Williams Memorial Queer and Trans Session      photo: Chantal Garcia.

 Saturday WOF11 AcPearson 00011Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000This big Unity/THERE sesh was all about love, skateboarding and allyship—immaculate vibes all around      photo: AC Pearson

 Saturday WOF11 AcPearson 00016Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000WOF’s carpenter Eli Mack grabs a bite during a brief moment of calm       photo: AC Pearson 

 Saturday NIbarra wof11 Sat 6821Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Cami does it all in style, matching a whole outfit and doing a stylish front nose       photo: Norma Ibarra

 Saturday NAMCHIVAN WOF 11 146Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000This might just have been the sketchiest trick of the day       photo: Nam-Chi Van

 Saturday WOF11 AuroraMarkham 07Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Saturday ended on the best off-key note with Melissa, Briana King and everyone screaming their heart out during Nora’s punk rock karaoke at 35th North       photo: Aurora Markham

Then it was contest day and Maité was screaming, “I wanna rock! I wanna rock!” as she zipped around the course during her run. After three days of mayhem, the WOF contest can feel like an afterthought. But with 10k on the line, skaters threw their witch hats in the ring to get a slice. “I was so nervous, but realized even if I bail people are cheering, so I said screw it and had fun,” Jacobs laughed, reflecting on her victory at the final event. Let’s not forget the fingerboarding contest either. Dextrous skaters risked it all, sending their digits over double sets and down kinked rails. As a nice conclusion to an even nicer event, the day ended with an improvised dance party in the parking lot before everyone eventually headed back home, wherever that might be. 

 Sunday WOF11 KristianRichards 03Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000The beverage of choice here is a good indicator of energy levels at the start of this last day      photo: Kristian Richard

 Sunday NAMCHIVAN WOF 11 280Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Now, please rise and join in singing the WOF national anthem, “What’s Up,” with four pro-skaters—Jaime Reyes, Alex White, Kristin Ebeling, Vanessa Torres and all of your peers to kick off the contest       photo: Nam-Chi Van

 Sunday WOF11 KristianRichards 11Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Jenny Sampson was on a grind of her own, capturing skaters on wet plates all weekend long      photo: Kristian Richards

 Sunday Chrisy 1Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000New Mexico’s Burque Babes were hard to miss with their out-of-this-world energy      photo: Chrisy Salinas

 Sun WOF 11 ReannaNorman Irei 6Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Foot in the boot, fingers on the board, Marbie shows everyone how it’s done at Wheels of Fingers with the crutches handy      photo: Reanna Norman-Irei

 Sunday NAMCHIVAN WOF 11 325Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000In a human sea, Osha makes waves while keeping everyone hyped      photo: Nam-Chi Van

 Sunday NIbarra WOF11day4 7038Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Andrea Paar took home best trick and second place overall with smooth tricks like this backside 5-0 shove      photo: Norma Ibarra

 Sunday NIbarra WOF11day4 7560Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Minna Stess traded the iconic ear-flap beanie for an aerodynamic backwards hat to clear the gap      photo: Norma Ibarra 

 Sunday WOF11 MarcMatis 19Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000They say all good things in this world are Belgian chocolate, French fries, waffles, Lore Bruggeman and lengthy boardslides      photo: Marc Matis

 Sunday WOF11 MarcMatis 01Thrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Christiana Means graced the crowd with a stylish backside flip and great words of wisdom, “Have fun!”       photo: Marc Matis

 Sunday RAISA ABAL WOF11 MAITE NAMEThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000Who needs a passport when you’re this fly? Maité sent it to the next level with this ride-on grind to fakie      photo: Raisa Abal

 Sunday NIbarra WOF11day4 GroupShotThrasher WoF11 Selects 2000And that’s a wrap on WOF 11! See you at the next one       photo: Norma Ibarra
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