Who Should be the 2023 Skater of the Year?

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Before casting your vote, take a moment to appreciate each of these incredible skateboarders and the effort they put forth this year. It’s been an honor to witness.

2023 SOTY 1x1 Bennett Cyrus Up 2000

HUF's Forever

More from Cyrus Bennett
Out There
Atlantic Drift - Episode 14 - Bangkok

2023 SOTY 1x1 Delfino Pedro Up 2000

Vans' Road to Nowhere

More from Pedro Delfino
Cold Call
Thrasher Vacation: Canada
HOMIES' Pittlanta

2023 SOTY 1x1 Hawk Tony Up 2000

Tapes You Leave Behind

More from Tony Hawk
5 Greats

2023 SOTY 1x1 Horigome Yuto Up 2000


More From Yuto Horigome
Nike SB's Yuto Horigome in Tokyo
Yuto in Tokyo Interview
Ripper at Clipper II

2023 SOTY 1x1 Knox Tom Up 2000

Atlantic Drift - Recurring Dream - No.15

More from Tom Knox
Atlantic Drift - Episode 14 - Bangkok
Dickies Skate
Krooked's Kay Ar Kay Dee

2023 SOTY 1x1 OGrady Jack Up 2000

Pass~Port's Squish

More from Jack O'Grady
Evisen X Pass~Port's Hot Pot
Nike SB's 7 Ball

2023 SOTY 1x1 Pace Rob Up 2000

Santa Cruz' F#�! 'Em

More from Rob Pace
My War
OJ Wheels

2023 SOTY 1x1 Shanahan John Up 2000

DGK's Double Down

More from John Shanahan
DC's Double Up
Pangea Jeans' ROADRAGE

2023 SOTY 1x1 Silvas Miles Up 2000

Adidas' City to City

More from Miles Silvas
Ripper at Clipper II
Thrasher Interview
  • Malmo's 2015 "Vert Attack 9" Contest

    Malmo's 2015 "Vert Attack 9" Contest
    Here's one of the heaviest vert sessions to take place in recent memory, including rippers from three generations: Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Rune Glifberg, Lincoln Ueda, Mike Frazier, Chris Russell, and many others.
  • Birdhouse's "Midwest Tour" Teaser

    Birdhouse's "Midwest Tour" Teaser
    Any good teaser makes you want to watch the whole edit and Birdhouse achieves just that with this quick clip. Full video premieres here on Wednesday.
  • The El Gato Classic

    The El Gato Classic
    The El Gato Classic went down in Palm Springs this past weekend hosted by Eddie “El Gato” Elguera.
  • 5&5 with Tony Hawk

    5&5 with Tony Hawk
    Tony Hawk comes through with this 5&5 at the Birdhouse vert ramp for Independent trucks.
  • Burnout: The Shep Hits the Fan!

    Burnout: The Shep Hits the Fan!
    Longhairs, pros, babes and skate rats - everyone turned out for the premier of the Shep Dawgs 4 video - coming to the Thrasher site in May.