"Ye Olde Destruction" Premiere Photos

Thomas Campbell’s new film Ye Olde Destruction premiered on Thursday, March 28, at The Ritz Night Club in San Jose, CA (Corey O’Brien and Louie Barletta’s spot). Y.O.D. captures two groups of skaters hitting the road in cool old cars, riding whatever DIY spots they can find—or just making their own, many times using the cars themselves as obstacles. Don’t try that on your mom’s Subaru! Documented over a couple of years in California, this black-and-white 16mm film is an art piece featuring an eclectic crew checking out spots in towns such as Bakersfield, San Jose, Treasure Island, Davenport and the South San Diego area, all set to some some heavy guitar-riffed ambient rock. At the premiere, DJ Duffel spun some 45s before the show and afterwards Tommy Guerreo played his chilled-out street chicken rock guitar with fellow mellow skate groovers Chuck Treece on drums and Matt Rodrigues on bongos/percussion. It was a rad night in SJ. Thanks, T-Moss, for another feel-good film and thanks to everyone who came from close and far to give their support. —Erik Olsen

Photos by Erik Olsen and Jai Tanju

1 750pxYe Olde Destruction! C’mon, guys, it’s spelled Guerrero. He’s a Bones Brigader! Get it together, O’Brien and Barletta!

2 750pxCorey O’Brien out front greeting excited patrons with a straight-faced stare

3 750pxBefore entering The Ritz, San-Jo-area old-time legends Jason Adams, Israel Forbes, Jai Tanju, Matt Eversole and Mark Whiteley were getting warmed up across the way at Cafe Stritch

4 750pxOut front, Daryl Angel was speechless, which seems like a good idea

5 750pxI can’t decide if Zarosh is a skateboard purist or just wants attention. Either way, he was trying to frontside slappy this wet red curb right in front on the venue and was eating shit over and over

6 750pxHe nailed the slappy, which was sick, and possibly could have gotten 1986 Corey O’Brien to crack a smile

7 750pxMike Kershnar was all smiles as usual

8 750pxTrevor Morgan’s hair and his much better half, the lovely Stephanie

9 750pxWorld-renowned masterlensmen Jon Miner and Brian Gaberman chat about the good ol’ days in Santa Rosa

10 750pxThis is the only group shot of the ladies, ‘cause we are in Man Jose. Black hair, white shirt, white pants, Cadillac, that girl’s a time bomb

11 750pxLouie gets drinks for free ‘cause he’s the boss. But two for him and none for Cas? Well, that’s not Berry nice. Caswell is willing to pay. What gives, Lou?

12 750pxThe Kid Adams, Reeps, Bob Schmeltzer and Barker Barrett

13 750pxEvan Smith, with a Thomas Campbell shirt, trips balls while Caswell finally gets that beer! But Cas looks as though he may have had a stroke

14 750pxSan Jose legend Baby Sock and Skateworks best Jason Strubacca

15 750pxCorey Duffel getting spooky for the crowd with some record spinning

16 750pxZarosh (who carried his board around all night, apparently), Thomas Campbell and Israel Forbes (with an OG SMA T-Moss sweatshirt from when he was on the team)

17 750pxTommy Guerrero and company were dope. With musical greats like Stereo Sound Agent Matt Rodrigues on the bongos and Chuck Treece on drums, you simply can’t go wrong

18 750pxTG belting out some riffs for the all the San Jose street chickens was a great way to end the night. Congrats on Y.O.D., all ye destructors!
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