Zach Allen Pro Surprise Photo Blog

The first time I skated with Zach, he was a Baker am flying off roofs, whooping everyone in SKATE and flinging 540s at the skatepark. He was one of those guys that you could never quite figure out how they skate—you just had to be watching because something was always about to go down. Recently, my work with RVCA has kept us in close orbit and it’s been amazing traveling around with him while watching him become the professional skater he is today. Congrats, Zach! I’m proud of you, my goon. Scroll through to see his first moments in the big leagues. —Ben Karpinski

1 1Zach Allen Pro copyShowed up to Harmon Park just in time to see Felix cracking open the box of boards with The Boss and T-Funk first in line


3 3Zach Allen Pro copy"What’s in the box? What's in the box?!"

2 1Zach Allen Pro copyThere it is! We get a first glance at his name in Baker letters


4 1Zach Allen Pro copyOn top of the classic graphic, Zach's got an original by Nasty Neckface himself

5 1Zach Allen Pro copyLet's sweep the perimeter to see who made it out. We got Nuge and Rowan rollin' up

6 1Zach Allen Pro copyDeathwish dudes Taylor Kirby and Jake Hayes came through with the good homie Biggie 

7 1Zach Allen Pro copyFellow Li-Ning associate Erik Ellington couldn't miss it


8 1Zach Allen Pro copyTrevor Kishi and Pedro Delfino test out Zach's super-sized graphic backdrop. I wonder what a family on a picnic would think of this scene

9 1Zach Allen Pro copyJust two good-lookin' guys—Austin Stephens and Alex Olson

10 1Zach Allen Pro copyIt rained earlier so instead of bank-to-curb photos you get to see your favorite pros playing tennis. Enjoy!

11 1Zach Allen Pro copy

Rowa's a natural at everything. You just know this guy would crush it at the country club

12 1Zach Allen Pro copyOf course Foy had a mean forehand, too

13 1Zach Allen Pro copyAnd The Boss was no slouch himself

14 1Zach Allen Pro copyA party without a cake is just a meeting. Neck puts on the finishing touches

15 1Zach Allen Pro copyThe whole Long family came through. Spanky makes sure the young one has the right amount of cool for the occasion 

17 1Zach Allen Pro copyI swear this isn’t Kevin’s stroller—Pedro and Tyson just bring their beer dolly everywhere


17 1Zach Allen Pro copyGray Mesa did a back 180 over the roof gap and then realized it might be a bad idea

18 1Zach Allen Pro copyBut we didn't come here to skate anyway…

19 1Zach Allen Pro copy...we came for the surprise!

20 1Zach Allen Pro copyPedro gets first pro hugs. Beagle captures it all while a half-caffeinated Jay supports from a distance

21 1Zach Allen Pro copyReally did catch him off guard, though 

22 1Zach Allen Pro copy“Wait, Mom?”

23 1Zach Allen Pro copyIt never gets old

24 1Zach Allen Pro copyParental permission to turn up in the park

25 1Zach Allen Pro copyWell-earned, my goon

26 1Zach Allen Pro copyI think it’s starting to feel real

27 1Zach Allen Pro copy“You just got jumped in” —Neckface

28 1Zach Allen Pro copyShoutout, Pedlow Mafia

29 1Zach Allen Pro copyReynolds and Brian O’Dwyer load up on the good stuff from Cactus Tacos


30 1Zach Allen Pro copy

Cinematographers Bobby Bils and Beagle probably talkin' Panasonic paint jobs

31 1Zach Allen Pro copy

We've all been waiting to see this

32 1Zach Allen Pro copy

Congrats again, Zach! Everyone, run out and get these boards from your local shop, then stay tuned for his new clips as a bonafide pro