• Firing Line: Manny Santiago

    Firing Line: Manny Santiago
    He's developed a reputation for fearlessly flipping onto those bars, and here is no exception for Manny.
  • Firing Line: Wes Kremer

    Firing Line: Wes Kremer
    This one is short, but goddamn it's sweet. 
  • Firing Line: Micky Papa

    Firing Line: Micky Papa
    This is more than just a line, this is a marathon. Who's your Papa?!
  • Firing Line: Flo Mirtain

    Firing Line: Flo Mirtain
    In some places, skateboarding is a normal part of everyday, city plaza activity. Flo swerves pedestrians and enjoys rolling freedom.
  • Firing Line: Ben Raemers

    Firing Line: Ben Raemers
    Ben has a loose and fast style whether he's on transitions or the raw streets.
  • Firing Line: Gavin Nolan

    Firing Line: Gavin Nolan
    When it's a two-trick line you know one of them in particular will be magic. Here's some precision ledge work.
  • Firing Line: Trevor McClung

    Firing Line: Trevor McClung
    The manual ender could easily be a stand-alone clip, but Trevor has enough skills to piece together a line before it.
  • Firing Line: Miika Adamov

    Firing Line: Miika Adamov
    Miika makes this look way too easy. Just wait til you see his footy in the upcoming enjoi vid.
  • Firing Line: Leo Romero

    Firing Line: Leo Romero
    Speed, pop, power. Leo just makes it look easy. SOTY is forever...
  • Firing Line: Chris Joslin

    Firing Line: Chris Joslin
    No shortage of tricks or speed here. Joslin tears through a DTLA spot and earns himself a proper Firing Line. Get used to hearing this kid's name...